Zak and Susan Becker, founders of acclaimed indie music platform SOUND KHARMA®, examine declining Grammys viewership


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Perhaps expanding the nominees and categories to include brilliant independent musicians from around the world could pique fan interest and reignite the competition.

—Zak and Susan Becker

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 20, 2022 / — According to Nielson, the 2022 Grammy Awards were one of the least-watched Grammys of all time, with less than 10 million viewers. The in-person Grammy Awards on CBS saw just a 1.4% increase in audience size compared to last year’s partially virtual ceremony, which was a record for music’s biggest night. . Hosted by Trevor Noah of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the two-month-delayed 64th Annual Grammy Awards drew 8.93 million total viewers across multiple platforms, according to Nielsen’s fast time-zone-adjusted national data.

Zak and Susan Becker, founders of the famous independent music platform SOUND KHARMA®, believe that there are many modern reasons why the Grammys see their viewership dwindle every year. “It begs the question, ‘why?’ Historically, there has been a shortlist of “it artists” who have won multiple times over a four- or five-year period, leaving hundreds (if not thousands) of other musicians unnoticed by the foundation. talent, some fans may view awards shows like the Grammys as an exclusive club that all but excludes non-mainstream artists.Perhaps expanding nominees and categories to include brilliant indie musicians from around the world might sting the fan interest and re-ignite competition. These artists exist and their fans are numerous,” the Beckers said.

Last year’s Grammy Awards, which were mostly virtual due to the pandemic, reached an all-time high of 8.8 million viewers in preliminary comparable time zone-adjusted data, which aired on Sunday, March 14. While that total adjusted to 9.4 million viewers in Nielsen’s Live+ Same Day, which includes out-of-home viewing, it was still at an all-time high for the awards show and down 50% from 18.8 million that had been streamed the previous year for the January 2020 telecast.

The Beckers continue: “That raises another question: ‘Do the fans care about awards even more?’ Winning a Grammy is an honor for any artist, but it’s not always an honor for the fans. If a fan’s favorite artist doesn’t win a Grammy, nothing changes in their life. have no personal stake in the list of winners. We live in a “society of self”, which could explain the perceived disconnect between the Grammy Awards and their audience. It does not rely on a fan base. What is the solution? “Increase the number of fans who participate. Aside from the Academy, other ways for fans to participate in the nomination and voting process are needed.”

The 2022 Grammys delivered the awards show to its largest live-streaming audience in history on Paramount Plus and other CBS platforms. The 64th Annual Grammy Awards had 92 billion potential social media impressions, up from 2021 and 2020. The hashtag “#GRAMMYS” was in the top 10 for 18 hours and peaked at number one .

“To go back and answer the ‘why’ question, the explanation could be that fans don’t have to watch. Fans can now get real-time updates with music videos on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, freeing up their time to do other things. Before, fans had to spend a Sunday night watching the show on TV because of FOMO. Now just follow #GrammyAwards to acquire everything they need to talk about the show. a time in the not too distant future when broadcast on network television is no longer sustainable. A simple streaming event and social media will provide the same level of fan involvement at a much lower cost,” concludes the Beckers.

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