World Music Day: The rise and rise of India’s independent music scene


The pandemic has hit the entertainment industry hard, but if there has been a silver lining, it is for the independent music space, which, in the absence of shows and film projects, has prospered like never before. The volume of independent music that has been released over the past 15 months has been incredible, with many calling it the return of the ’90s era when independent pop music ruled the charts. We chat with musicians who share their thoughts on this resurgence of indie music.

Singer Aastha Gill has released songs like Crazy Lady and Paani Paani.

Aastha gill

The rise of the independent music scene in India was already happening in the last two or three years. During the pandemic, of course, there was an increase in the number of independent music releases. The growth is still going on and it will only get better and very soon will be the best phase in indie music. I like that as an independent music artist we work according to our tastes, experiment with our musical choices and put everything in our songs and videos. We are the face of our own songs, and there is always the possibility of becoming something better.

Shilpa rao

The popularity of independent music will continue to grow, it will improve from now on, and will not slow down anytime soon. It’s not like a phase or anything like that, it’s going to stick around even if the film music keeps coming back. But, indie music will continue to advance globally with greater collaborations. There are a lot of emotions and we have a lot of sides as an artist that we can’t show, or we don’t have a place to express ourselves. But with independent music, there is the freedom to express our creativity. It’s more based on personal experience. Sometimes you are trained in a particular art form, which has not been used anywhere in ordinary songs, independent music gives us a lot of space to show it and allows your audience to see that aspect of your as well. versatility.

Singer Vishal Mishra
Singer Vishal Mishra

Vishal Mishra

Indie music has already taken off. I didn’t have to go into independent songs, I wanted to. In the films, there is a border, a scenario that must be followed. There are character arcs. The scope is limited. What about the emotions you feel outside of that? It’s my duty as a musician to give something to people who love music. These honest expressions can only come out in the space of independent music. I started with Sajna Ve and all was well at that time. Since then, I have released a lot of songs. No matter how many movies I make, I would keep making my own songs. It’s a good time now. There are so many musicians coming now and I urge everyone to release their own music.

Singer Jonita Gandhi
Singer Jonita Gandhi

Jonita Gandhi

I am happy to see how Indian audiences have grown to accept and appreciate independent music over the past couple of years, especially during the lockdown when there was an increase in independent music releases and less film music. . It’s nice to see more artists exploring their musicality in the independent space as well. We have seen the rise of budding artists whose music has become as famous as some of the most popular movie songs. So let’s hope that the growth of independent music continues. What I love most about independent music is the freedom to do whatever I want – vocally and creatively. There are fewer cooks in the kitchen with opinions, and I can choose the team I want to create with, to have the process and the vibe that suits me and my musical tastes.

Jubin Nautiyal

We live in the days when the 90s are coming back, the indie music space is coming back. I am very happy for the artists of the country because now they no longer need a film to become musicians. They can literally produce music, put it online, and start building from scratch. And when an artist starts their journey from scratch, he or she learns more and grows better as a musician. It’s very important to have this trip. I know so many who parachuted into the Bollywood music scene and they ended up being a marvel. To be an artist is to grow with our own music. I love the freedom that comes with indie music. It is a great satisfaction for me as an artist.

Singer Essjay
Singer Essjay

Saksham Jain, aka Essjay

Independent music gives an artist freedom of expression. In the case of film music, you have to think and compose according to the demands of the story and the creators. But when you’re not bound by any scripts or contracts, your creativity soars. Independent music doesn’t just sound like music created without a record label contract, it also sounds like a much deeper message of creativity. Now is the perfect time for all talented musicians, as there is no shortage of platforms to showcase your talent. If you have it in you, you will shine. There is no reliance on a label to promote your work. Now is the perfect time for musicians to come up with pure work.


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