Why vinyl records and personalized products are so popular among independent artists



The group’s derivative products and vinyl record releases have been around since the beginning of music. Well not really. But it has certainly been around for a while. These are two of the best ways for musicians to make money.

While there were times when vinyl records were almost considered dead, now we have seen its resurgence. And it has become more popular than before as it has become a kind of collector’s item rather than just an album or a format with songs you can listen to.

Looking at the latest releases and even the previous ones, one can see a large number of independent artists releasing their vinyl records and custom products made in the USA goods. Los Angeles and New York (among others) are America’s most important cities for music, vinyl records, personalized merchandising, and music production.

Why are custom products popular among independent artists?

Merch in general has been popular, not only among independent artists, but all. You see, merch is a great way to promote yourself and earn extra income from it. And that is why it is even more popular among these independent musicians, as they will try to find ways to stay afloat.

After all, talent is cool, but if you can’t afford to play music anymore because you have bills to pay, then you won’t last long in the music industry.

Independent musicians can be signed with independent labels which help them at least with their releases and promotions.

Some can just release their music on their own and within the limits of their bank accounts and wallets. This means that they have to allocate some of their personal money to the outings they want and may even have to use their savings if they have one.

If these financially struggling independent artists manage to release their personalized products, they will have extra money. With the extra money they have, they can now financially support the next singles or albums they plan for in the future. But it all comes down to the success of selling these personalized products.

How to have positive results in sales of merch?

There are several ways to go about it. But I think the best thing to do first is to decide what needs to be done is to Decide what type of custom merch you will post.

Then it’s up to try to find out how many fans would surely buy and maybe buy them.

If there is a positive response from a hundred people, then that would be the GO signal to continue. If they are less than a hundred, there are two options: continue if there is extra money that can be saved, and not if there is not.

To proceed with the release would mean that there is a need for designs for the personalized merchandising.

It would be better to have a unique design that would attract people and keep your buyers happy. It would be a failure if fans thought the custom merch they bought wasn’t worth their money, right?

Additionally, a band can expand their fan base if their personalized product is cool and engaging, attracting curious people to their band and possibly their music.

After you’ve finalized everything and estimated the possible buyers, it’s time to find a good manufacturer of custom products and order a hundred more parts from them than the estimate. This is to make sure that you won’t run out of stock and leave some for the undecided.

What’s a good merch to release?Photo credit: UnifiedMFG

One of the coolest personalized merchandising these independent artists could come out are custom vinyl records. Yes, it’s a merch, but much appreciated!

In the last few years since CDs have replaced it, vinyl records have given that feeling of novelty although they are not technically new and have been around for ages now.

It was this feeling that made him return to the peak of physical album sales in the United States. It topped CD sales for the first time last year, and many vinyl fans are celebrating it. Additionally, the feeling of tangible albums in this digital album dominated world has become a driving force for the growing audience of the highly tactile format.

Those custom vinyl records are also very popular among independent artists because it is not only an audio format but also a promotional tool.

Having a vinyl record release means that there will be an improvement in the quality of your album, not only in music but also in visual arts.

We already know how vinyl records provide better and fuller sound compared to the digital records we hear now. They also have a lot more space than CD albums and digital album covers.

And on top of that, the rise of personalized vinyl records is noticing the addition of the word personalized. In the past, there was only standard black, a few colorful vinyl records, simple jackets, and plain, boring interior sleeves. Now there are plenty of other customization options to make it more personal and unique to you which is a bit overwhelming.

I admit the format is a bit expensive but it will surely be worth it as it would surely increase the number of audiences you have. That is, if you have an attractive or unique vinyl album that would appeal to non-fans and vinyl collectors.

Would fans love the release of these personalized products and personalized vinyl records?

My answer would be an absolute YES!

Fans love to show their support for their idols, not just the musicians they love, but almost everyone they idolize. And buying these personalized products and personalized vinyl records is their way of showing that support. So there is no need to hesitate to have a custom vinyl record pressing or merch produced and be afraid that fans will not like the releases.

A mistake would be if the design is not attractive and generic.

If you’re a musician and wondering if you should invest in merch and vinyl, you know our answer. As with any type of career in art, you have to make money! And you will win, but only if you have something physical to sell.



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