White Pigeon Native looking for additional films for independent film


A 2020 graduate of White Pigeon Schools and longtime resident, Jacob Mullenix is ​​an aspiring filmmaker who hopes to make a film starring his hometown with auditions taking place this Friday, April 1.

the Mullenix production company, Nickname Moronneeds about 21 extras for his next project called Today’s hottest comedy which is expected to begin filming next month. In a conversation with the Sturgis DiaryJacob says the film is a personal piece inspired by life in White Pigeon and is a celebration of small town life.

Don’t let the title fool you! Today’s hottest comedy is a complex play, mixing genres of drama and even horror with comic overtones. Mullenix tells the Journal,

The reason the movie is called ‘Today’s Hottest Comedy’ is because it’s a movie that represents my life,” Mullenix said. “I believe the world we live in right now is actually ‘the today’s hottest comedy”. Life is two things: it’s very funny and it’s very scary. I would like to make a film that represents that.

In addition to extras, the film needs production staff and looks to the community for any additional props or crafts that may be featured in its film. The young filmmaker wants this project to be a community effort saying, “You bring us a craft, we’ll find a way to put it in the film… I’m going to direct it. I’m going to make it work… I don’t want this to be my movie, I want this to be our city’s movie.”

Looks like this young man has a good head on his shoulders! What a fun way to showcase your hometown and bring the community together. If you would like to participate in Jacob’s film, auditions are taking place at Depo Park in White Pigeon from 3:00 p.m. on Friday April 1st. No prior experience is required, “All you need to have is an open mind to love all individuals equally” and a willingness to learn. Additional details about the audition can be found here.

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