Where are all the sexy Halloween novels?


Holidays are romantic. It seems like the holidays are more and more focused on love every year outside of Halloween. As beloved as Halloween is, there is a cruel lack of romantic notions around Halloween. When it comes to romance novels, it’s practically non-existent.

When people think of holiday romances, Christmas is the most important. Whether it’s movies, books, or Hallmark songs, Christmas hits hard. Followed by Valentine’s Day, romance isn’t really present in any other big party.

Rather than focusing on Christmas and Valentine’s Day as the big romantic days, it’s time for romance writers to unite to show Halloween a little love. Over the past few years, Halloween has really become its own thing. Before, people would just party on October 31st and move on. Now Halloween has become a bigger part of the pop culture landscape.

It would be fair to see Halloween finally have its turn. That’s not to say that there aren’t some good love books for Halloween. There are. But when will all the writers finally realize how fun and sexy this vacation can be? Romance has evolved so much as a genre, and Halloween should be the next big holiday frontier for writers to conquer.

When will Halloween have its own sub-genre of love books?

As mentioned above, there are definitely some great Halloween romances out there. For the most part, however, the romances are independent. Basically, the authors publish the novels themselves rather than going through a traditional publishing house. The only downside to freelance publishing is whether or not your book will get noticed. Depending on the popularity of the author, it can be difficult to find the audience.

That being said, there are a few indie Halloween romances that deserve a shoutout. There is the “Boos and Booze” series by various black love authors on Kindle Unlimited. Then there is another Black Love series, “A Tale of Two Cities” which focuses on Alexandra Warren’s summer vacation and two Black Love novels by Shae Sanders. Last but not least is GG Andrew’s “Crazy, Sexy Ghoulish” series.

There’s no reason the traditional edition shouldn’t focus on Halloween romances. The door is literally wide open for any ideas the authors might have. In particular, costumes can play an important role in making a scene sexy. Then there’s the idea of ​​doing something risky in a place like a haunted house, a pumpkin patch, or even not knowing who’s in a costume. These are just a few random ideas, but the writers would have a field day given the lack of Halloween romances.

Watching all the popular movies, almost all of them have great romance. The Addams Family a Gomez and Morticia. The nightmare before Christmas gave us Jack and Sally, an iconic Halloween duo. Corpse Bride features several romances while both Casper and Hocus pocus have romantic subplots. Even movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, Conspiracy, and Scream have a romantic subplot in them.

While this party is best known for being spooky, the authors have a chance to make it a spooky and sexy party. Thankfully, it looks like the authors are finally trying to change the conversation. In 2021, there is a major increase in witch love books, including Lana Harper’s “Payback’s A Witch”, Erin Sterling’s “The Ex Hex” and Ann Aguirre’s “Witch Please”.

Hopefully by the same time next year, we’ll see more mainstream love books published. Otherwise, the world of independent publishing will save us. With all the love and excitement around the month, it’s only fair for the romance publishing world to step it up.


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