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Noel David Taylor’s independent film The man under the table will be available to Arrow subscribers in the US, Canada, UK and now Ireland! The independent film about independent filmmaking will premiere on August 2.

We showed off the teaser trailer for Taylor’s movie ahead of its world premiere at Slamdance this year. We’ve included it again, below the ad. Enjoy!

ARROW offers classic cult cinema at the cutting edge of technology

Surreal Comedy Man Under Table streaming August 2

Take a bizarre look at the launch of an independent film

“perfect for those looking for a cinema beyond the picturesque and the contemporary ..”

– Andrew Mack, Screen Anarchy

“” speaks to the scriptwriting experience the same way as Adaptation, except with more vitriol and less Nicolas Cage “- Lorry Kikta, Film Threat

London, UK – Arrow Video is pleased to announce the ARROW release of Noel David Taylor’s bizarre cinematic comedy The man under the table, available exclusively to subscribers in the US, Canada, UK and recently launched in Ireland. The feature debut from writer / director Noel David Taylor, who also stars as Guy, a beleaguered and hilariously obnoxious screenwriter navigating through the indie film‘s chaotic scene in dystopian Los Angeles, The man under the table premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival and screened at the Chattanooga Film Festival. The film will debut on August 2 at ARROW.

The man under the table is an inventive and offbeat comedy that confuses the hustle and bustle of independent cinema, as seen in the ARROW doc Clin Jungle.

Before the release of his first feature film, Taylor said, “Since making videos, I’ve been doing weird, absurd, borderline camp videos. It’s not an easy thing to find an audience for such. Which is why, when something fits as easily into a catalog as Man Under Table’s in Arrow’s, it’s not just a relief, but a kind of homecoming. overwhelmed not only by a plethora of horror, camp, and just plain evocative films, but also an abundance of style, humor and fun. I couldn’t have found a better home for my movie if I was there. ‘had summoned ether. To whom it may concern: go see these films! ”

ARROW will house a number of exclusive extras for The man under the table, including a making of a featurette, deleted scenes, a commentary from Taylor, a The man under the table music video and a number of Taylor’s early shorts, including The Hermit and Dos Hombres.

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In Hollywood, it’s who you know, not what you write.

Guy writes a movie, that’s what he claims in bars, parties, pretty much anywhere he can. Guy finally falls in the path of independent sweetheart Jill Custard and his lackey Ben who constantly accosts him and leads him into projects that are not his. Angry and frustrated, Guy decides to team up with a never-failed Gerald, and the duo plan to write what could be the dumbest movie ever made.

Against the backdrop of a crumbling dystopian Los Angeles, The man under the table highlights the infinitely bizarre world of the Hollywood film industry where things are never easy, dreams are crushed, content is king, and you’ll have to wear a gas mask to deal with the nameless toxins in the air polluted green …



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