Watch an independent movie this month at Arthouse


If snow showers or rain accompany the holiday season this year, that won’t mean all Slab Cinema movies are canceled.

Thanks to its new indoor venue, Arthouse at Blue Star in the former Fl! Ght Gallery, Angela and Rick Martinez will be able to accommodate small crowds for film screenings whatever the weather.

The couple who opened Slab Cinema 17 years ago have become known for their inflatable movie screens that appear in parks and venues around San Antonio. They still do, says Angela Martinez, but they now also host an artistic, independent and obscure film program at Arthouse at Blue Star.

“We’re really trying to offer what other multiplexes don’t and things that people can’t see elsewhere,” she says. So far they have screened films by the Coen brothers, Sherlock Jr. and Simple Blood, among other titles, and have plans for some holiday classics this month.

Instead of an inflatable screen, the indoor venue relies on a projector, which Martinez says is ideal for pre-digital movies. The space has also hosted art exhibitions and it is supposed to be flexible so that it can work for movies, events and more.

Martinez says that while they once lived near Blue Star, the idea of ​​turning an old gallery into a cinema never came to them until they had an event there this fall. “We had no idea at all that we wanted an indoor space, but once we walked in we loved it,” she says, adding that since the venue is smaller, buying tickets in advance is recommended. “We just hopped off the feet first. “

This month’s lineup

December 2: The breadwinner and the adventures of Prince Achmed

December 9: Tinsel: The Lost Hollywood Movie

December 12: The music room

December 16: All about my mother

December 17: Times Square

December 18: Lady Bird & Lois Weber Shorts

December 19: Black girl and Mandabi


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