Walking Dead alumnus Merritt Wever in new indie film


Merritt Wever, who played Denise in season six of The walking dead. She was a resident of Alexandria who took over as a community doctor when Pete was killed. Since leaving the show, she’s been a very busy girl. Deadline reports that she has now signed on for the independent project Midday black Midnight blue.

Wever will join the previously announced cast of Will Pullen, Samantha Soule, Dale Soules, Shane McRae, Chris Stack and McCaleb Burnett. It will be a first feature film for Soule and Daniel Talbott, where they are writers and directors.

The setting for the film is Puget Sound, where Ian (Stack) lives in isolation. He spends his days mourning a woman he loved dearly, Liv (Soule), who had passed away several years previously. Beth (Wever) is Liv’s sister and sees how much Ian has fallen due to her immense grief as she fights with her own ghosts. As Ian struggles with his emotions, he knows he has to let go before his life gets even darker, even if it kills him.

Other roles of Merritt Wever

While researching this article, I was shocked to remember that Wever was only on The walking dead for 9 episodes. I felt like his character had been around for a while and that his character had made a bigger impact in that short time.

Before you come to The Walking Dead, you might remember seeing Wever in many other roles. She has been playing since the age of 15. Some Movies and Shows You May Remember Signs, Law & Order, Studio 60 on Sunset Strip, Into the Wild and New girl.

She won an Emmy for her role as Zoey Barkow in the television series Nurse Jackie. This character is one of my favorites. Zoey’s enthusiasm and comedic timing is a big balm for the negative, gruff Jackie (Edie Falco) character.

In the TV mini-series Impious, Wever plays Mary Agnes McNue, a female-dominated city leader. A role for which she also won an Emmy.

In addition to Midday black Midnight blue, she will play in an upcoming series called Roar. This series is an anthology series featuring “dark and comical feminist fables”.

It will be great to see Merrit Wever in these new roles.


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