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Music is our sport

NEWPORT NEWS, VA, USA, October 11, 2021 / – According to investment bank Raine Group, independent artists could make $ 2 billion every year, but sadly, many burgeoning talent never see that kind of return, but a Virginia nonprofit is changing all that. Presentation of the Music sports league, the idea of ​​a visionary curator Juan A. Thompson. The league aims to give the artist as an athlete the tools he needs to be successful and financially secure in this dog-eating business.

The Music Sports League’s curated team of innovative movers and shakers share 40 years of industry expertise. These renowned music and business professionals are reinventing how artists can capitalize on their talent. Through a series of exhibitions, MSL “revolutionizes the way unsigned artists are developed, promoted and discovered”. This group of industry leaders hopes to raise awareness of the pitfalls and pressures artists face while providing solid solutions for independent artists.

The six founders are led by Commissioner Juan A. Thompson. As a rising star in the music industry, Juan helped dozens of independent artists shine in the spotlight before launching the Independent Artists Competition Association in 2015. The premier competition for rappers versus singers of all genres uncovered relative unknowns in seven cities and opened the door to founding the Music Sports League. This inventive concept of merging sporting and competitive dynamism with the world of music levels the entertainment game. The Commissioner’s solid gold roster is rounded out by his Director of Marketing – DeAngelo Kelly, Jonathan Davis – Director of Education, Ken Ortiz – Executive Director, Jimi Carlisle – Director A&R and Gary Pick – Director of Officials. This rock solid group covers the needs of artists from A to Z.

While the Music Sports League takes pride in educational events with an economic impact in the Hampton Rhoades area, the events go even further to encompass the mental health crisis. Every musician dreams of having their name in the spotlight and filling a stadium with adoring fans, but the headlines are full of celebrities who can’t handle the pressure that comes with being famous. The Music Sports League helps performers manage the physical and emotional demands of becoming a sought-after talent. Their professional team offers mental wellness seminars to help musicians see red flags so they can avoid situations that can lead to depression, substance abuse, and anti-social behavior.

This revolutionary combination of music and sports has caught the attention of partners like J and S Basic Boxing, clothing line Chick & Spoil and digital news giant In an effort to give back to the community, 15% of the proceeds will go to the King’s Daughters’ Children’s Hospital.

For more information on the Music Sports League, contact DeAngelo Kelly, 786.650.4192, [email protected]

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