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TuneCore x Utopia Music: helping creators

DIY independent digital music distributor TUNECORE has partnered with UTOPIA MUSIC and LYRIC FINANCIAL to modernize funding opportunities for independent artists through their program, TUNECORE DIRECT ADVANCE. SWEDEN-based UTOPIA recently expanded into the US market with the acquisition of NASHVILLE-based LYRIC FINANCIAL, one of the leading financial services companies in the US music industry.

TUNECORE has worked with LYRIC FINANCIAL since 2016 and, during that time, has provided thousands of artists with nearly $ 30 million in expedited royalty payments. This year alone, TUNECORE artists have had access to over $ 7 million in expedited royalty payments. The new agreement with UTOPIA MUSIC will allow TUNECORE DIRECT ADVANCE to continue funding upcoming artists’ projects, while introducing innovative funding initiatives specifically designed for independent artists.

TUNECORE CEO ANDREEA GLEESON commented, “We recognize that independent artists are often self-funded and that many can use financial support to continue advancing in their careers. By providing the streamlined support of UTOPIA’s financial services, TUNECORE is extending our range of services to artists to more comprehensively benefit creators at all stages of their musical journey.

UTOPIA MUSIC CEO MARKKU MAKELAINEN added, “At UTOPIA, we believe in a fair pay for every game, and we believe that every creator deserves top-notch service that will make them successful. Through our new financial services unit and our partnership with TUNECORE, we can accelerate royalty payments by using consumption analytics collected from our more than 33 billion data points. This means greater and faster access to funding for independent creators.

NASHVILLE TUNECORE hip-hop artist JELLY ROLL, who received his first gold record from the RIAA this year, recalls receiving his first TUNECORE DIRECT ADVANCE in 2016, “Honestly, I wasn’t sure how. problem and I investigated a little more was truly mind-boggling.

New York-based rapper and DIRECT ADVANCE recipient I.AM.TRU.STARR, said, “As artists we always try to balance our present life with our future life. Sometimes they don’t always line up, but we insist and do what we need to do because we believe in what we’re doing: our art.

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