Triumphant With Her Magical Productions, Indie Music Artist LollyPop Drops New Music Video “Red Flag”


Independent music artist Lollipop hits big milestones with new music video “Red flag”. Suspenseful lyrics and play-pause visuals make up the track.

Several artists aspire to lead the dance in the musical field. Well, one artist who has been among the best in productions is Lollipop. With his last title Red flag, the artist inspires all young minds around the world. It’s been a while since the true aura of indie music got lost somewhere, but the artist/songwriter not only delivered those vibes to fans around the world, but also delivered an exciting music video on his Youtube channel. The electrifying listening experience comes from the track due to the suspense in the lyrics and the engaging visuals of paused playback that can truly grab the attention of any viewer. The clip is set to become one of the best hits of this year.

Born and raised in Georgia, Lollipop was very clear on her new song, as she conveyed the fact that whenever there is a red flag in any situation, everyone has to find their way and never stop at all costs. The experienced artist has also produced 4 independent albums. His famous works include tracks like “Dangerous, Delusional”, “Narcissist”, “Human Nature”, and many more. The artist has managed to highlight his agenda of letting people know to follow their hearts instead of being fun with the help of music. You can get a taste of the artist’s portfolio with his latest track “Red flag” Available on Youtube. Follow her on instagram, Facebookand Twitter.

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