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Beijing’s indie music scene has only flourished lately. This trend continues this Sunday.

The second edition of “Get Unplugged” by MusicDish takes place at Aotu Space this Sunday July 11th. In the words of MusicDish founder Eric De Fontenay, performances are meant to “strip the amps, pedals and effects, drums, etc”. and leave the audience with a song and a melody.

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On this occasion, ‘Get Unplugged’ presents two promising groups from the Chinese indie scene.

Kenja Time delivers a distinctly post-punk sound with complex and creative guitar playing. Formed in 2019, the group is made up of lead singer and guitarist Hu Weihang; the bassist, Geng Xinhao; and drummer Hu Wanheng. They have been doing a number of live performances across Beijing lately.

Members of the Kenja Time group. Image via MusicDish

Eight Immortals Restaurant (??) gives listeners a more bluesy indie sound. The group is made up of lead singer Wang Fan; guitarist Dong Lin; and bassist Yan Mingchen.


The Eight Immortals restaurant in concert. Image via @ 八仙 饭 hôtel / Weibo

Their latest mini album “Inauguration of Pleasure Dome”, released in 2021, reached over 1.5 million listeners on NetEase CloudMusic, China’s most popular music streaming service.

MusicDish met the Eight Immortals restaurant before the “Get Unplugged” performance:

For new listeners who may not be familiar with your band, which song is a good introduction to your music?
Eight Immortals Restaurant:
Labyrinth (??.)

How did your band come up with their name? How did the members of your group meet?
Fan of Wang
: It’s the name of a 90s Hong Kong B-movie by Qiu Litao. There are urban legends surrounding the name. I was looking for a movie name to use as a group name and I stumbled across this movie. It’s straightforward, simple, and evokes fear when you think about it. It’s perfect.
Yang mingchen
: Wang Fan and I met through Dong Lin. Before forming the group, we were good friends with Dong Lin.

The title of your album refers to Kenneth Anger’s film. Can you expand on the idea behind this?
Fan of Wang
: The title of the album borrows the concept of scenes from the films of Kenneth Anger. Characters who are in different times and spaces, or who exist in mythology, religion and history, appear in the same space as symbols. People who dream a lot may be familiar with this feeling. It’s absurd but there are traces in the unconscious, an experience closest to the apocalyptic carnival.

Do you like to watch movies? What kind of movies do you prefer? Do you have any recommendations?
Yan Mingchen
: I like to watch movies, mostly road movies and comedies.
Dong lin
: “The last emperor” by Bertolucci.
Fan of Wang
: Gaspar Noé and Makavejev.

Which bands or musicians do you think have had the most impact on your music?
Dong lin
Yan Mingchen
: Ryuichi Sakamoto.
Fan of Wang
: Mudhoney, Ty Segall and Neu!

Besides the group, do you have another job?
Dong lin
: I am a great teacher of the people!
Yan Mingchen
: I am a music producer.
Fan of Wang
: I work in the media.

What does being part of a group mean to you? Has that meaning changed since you started?
Yan Mingchen
: It means being busier but it’s quite fulfilling.
Fan of Wang
: My goal is to put any extra value I have in music.
Dong lin
: Being in a group is also another form of work.

Want to know more about the “Get Unplugged” performance this Sunday? Scan the QR code below to follow MusicDish official WeChat account:

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