Topo Chico will release its very first EP in support of independent artists


In today’s music industry, it’s either feast or famine and no one is left with an empty plate more often than indie artists. But as the engine of music culture on a global scale, there will never be enough initiatives to support the small bands that the industry relies on.

This is why Topo Chico presents its very first album, Yellowon exclusive vinyl featuring a unique mix of five of the scene’s most talented emerging artists.

This mix will soon be available for pre-order exclusively on Vinyl Me Please, with all proceeds going directly to the musicians.

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The timing of this rare vinyl could not have been better, as vinyl popularity is at an all-time high and pressed wax sales are skyrocketing. So much so, in fact, that there is actually a national shortage of materials needed to make vinyl!


The EP itself was recorded in Topo Chico’s first-ever “Yellow Room” recording studio – a shared space where up-and-coming local artists were invited to record their own music at the brand’s expense – the EP yellow champions five artists (Cade Legat, Kris Orlowski, Modern Daze, Sea Salt and Warren Dunes), offering each a unique experience to do what they do best: create music.

Available to all music and art enthusiasts, the exclusive disc features a unique design, dreamed up by Seattle artist Liz Tran.

Beginning Tuesday, November 1, fans can reserve a copy by visiting before shipping it to music lovers later this month.


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