Too Birds, Plaster of Paris and other local indie artists we love this fortnight


By Tom Walters

Hello and welcome to our new bimonthly column on independent artists. Head here if you missed the previous episode, complete with Time For Dreams, cutters, and Hello Satellites.

Every fortnight, we bring together the best new Victorian bands and artists who are making waves online, underground and on the air.

For those looking to stay tuned to the best emerging artists, this column will cover you every two weeks with Victoria’s best.

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Too many birds

Too Birds is a local noise-rap trio that evokes the genre-defying style of clipping. and the handles of death. Melbourne 2 is their recently released second album – a punchy collection of glitchy beats, shocking electro, and jaw-dropping basslines.

The trio of Realname, Teether and Mr. Society represent the more experimental side of Melbourne’s DIY rap scene, with songs like “Monstera Heaven” and “Showers” ​​descending from melodic and avant-garde hip hop to edgy beats and rhythms. relentless. Just when you think you are aligned with their rhythms, they will suddenly attack you with a panic attack.

This nervousness is also reflected in their lyrics, which are teeming with anxiety and terror. It’s hard not to feel a little overwhelmed by all of this, but Melbourne 2 will undoubtedly take on its full meaning when Too Birds takes it on stage at the Color Club on Thursday, May 27th.

Melbourne 2 is now available on X Amount Records. Catch them at the Color Club on Thursday May 27th. Tix here.

Plaster of paris

Melbourne concert circuit favorites Plaster of Paris release debut album Lost Familiar on Wednesday, June 23, tackling topics like body politics, climate denial, queer identity, and physical and mental states of emergency with relentless passion and classic rock’n’roll beats.

Riot grrrl fans will find a lot to love here, with the band’s Sleater-Kinney-esque sound perfectly captured and perfectly pristine. The album covers songs from the life of the band, including new recordings of live favorites “Oh Wow” and “Newcomer,” where the trio unabashedly sound like themselves.

“Internalize” even has part of the Sleater-Kinney Wild Flag side project on it – catchy post-punk guitars and crystal-clear vocals that blend darkwave and gothic with a distinctly pop sound. It’s a brilliant statement of intent from a band that perfectly bottled their live performance on record – a raw, sharp and powerful album.

Lost Familiar will be released on Wednesday, June 23 via Psychic hysteria.

Third space

FBi Radio and triple j regular Andy Garvey’s label Pure Space are best known for deep space-sounding techno and electro – the kind of music best to listen to after all. world went to bed. The label’s first release in 2021 is Spring pattern by Melbourne producer Third Space, whose first glimpse – the B-side “Cyclical Pan Workout” – fits the Pure Space label like a glove.

It’s described as “the most club-centric exploration to date,” which is easy to believe if “Cyclical Pan Workout” is anything. An unruly, shifting IDM track with more texture than a Spotlight store, it uses a cavernous drum pattern and floating synth pads to evoke a deep, hazy atmosphere that’s probably best experienced amid the smog of a machine. club smoke.

Fans of Leon Vynehall and Objekt’s most recent work will find a lot to like here. Third Space brilliantly uses sound design to push the boundaries of what club music can be, and with much of the world still unable to experience club music directly, it can be a transporting experience to listen to at home with your headphones.

Pattern of Spring releases Friday May 28 via Pure space.

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