The weirdest coloring books imaginable


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I miss the era of adult coloring books. I say this as someone who has never colored once because the whole process leaves me more anxious than relaxed, but I loved watching my friends post photos of their latest coloring projects and one of the few things i have from my grandma is a handful of coloring projects she did (i framed them and they are very special works of art!). In a time when the world continues to be difficult and the bad news seems endless, I yearn for the joy of seeing a finished coloring sheet.

While browsing through Etsy, I came across a real treasure: queer coloring books. These coloring books feature LGBTQ+ themes and images, all packed with joy, hope and resistance. Not surprisingly, given how small and independent presses, as well as zine culture, have always been an outlet for queer people, but it felt particularly powerful to me now. In an era of great rainbow capitalism, there’s something particularly valuable about showcasing individuals who create for others like them, with little incentive other than to connect (and earn a few under because frankly, with all the work that goes into create a coloring book, there’s no price tag that would make them particularly profitable – and that’s the point!).

Let’s celebrate with these awesome queer coloring books. Grab a few, grab a box of colored crayons or markers, and blanket your home and social media with joy, humor, and more.

The weirdest coloring books for Rainbow Joy

How about some weird nursery rhymes? This coloring book is by Jacinta Bunnell, with illustrations by Nat Kusinitz, and it’s FUN. $10.

cover for large gay alphabet coloring book

Jacinta Bunnell, alongside Leela Corman, has created another excellent coloring book. This time it’s all about Big Gay Alphabet. $13.

Cover for the coloring book love is love

Color beautiful linens that celebrate love in all its forms. This digital coloring book costs $5. You can totally color this with all the family members to celebrate pride.

Celebrate Pride coloring book

Here is another great choice for coloring from the Pride family. This one is physical copy, and you can get Celebrate Pride! for $10.

While you color or between the pages, dive into these queer reads for Pride and some great queer literary fiction.


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