The 12th Annual Golden Indie Music Awards take place in November, here is



Awards season is here and we’re kicking it off with the Gold Independent Music Award.

Based in Taiwan, the brilliant awards show honors some of the top names in the Asian indie scene, across all genres. Since its inception in 2010, the Golden Indie Music Awards or GIMA have been a pillar of excellence in creative freedom and musical diversity across the region. Originally designed to celebrate local Taiwanese musicians, the awards ceremony has expanded to recognize the rest of the region over the years.

This year marks a special edition of GIMA, which is taking place in the city of Kaoshiung for the first time in the history of the ceremony. GIMA 2021 will also see the introduction of the Golden Independent Music Forum – an industry networking event – and another round of Asia Rolling Music Festival, an evening of good music from all over the region.

The awards ceremony, as well as its many events and performances will take place from November 1 to 7. With a few action-packed days, here’s everything you need to know about GIMA 2021.

This year’s GIMA sees the fourth installment of the Asia Rolling Music Festival, a performance series that invites music creators from Taiwan and Asia to share their music and talents with the aim of showcasing the distinctive style but music from Asia while harboring an environment of creative inspiration. and exchange.

The festival will see a variety of artists from the region including Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. Taking place over four stages, viewers can expect to see a mix of live and video performances from figures such as Wedance, H 3 F, Like Animals & LUSTBASS, M1LDL1FE, BGourd, Sonia Calico, The Last Wave, and more. Discover the full program here.

The festival will take place on four stages, in four different cities of Taiwan – Taipei, Taitung, Tainan and Kaoshiung – at the same time. Taiwanese audiences will be able to watch the performances live on 5 November from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (PHT / SGT). For information on festival ticketing, visit the official Golden Indie Music Awards website.

For a global audience, videos of the festival’s performances will be uploaded to GIMA’s YouTube at 12 november.

GIMA isn’t just brilliant accolades and trophies, it’s also mind-blowing performances you won’t see anywhere else. In addition to this year’s performances Best live performance award nominated on November 2 – 3 – which will be broadcast via GIMA’s YouTube and Facebook pages, as well as LINE TODAY and LINE MUSIC – and Asia Rolling Music Festival, the awards ceremony will also host a live concert hosted by Kaoshiung Live wareHouse to crown this year’s GIMA.

The tastes of Constant & Change, Wendy Wander, Fire EX., and Exit drift are scheduled to perform.

Tickets for the concert are now sold out.

In an effort to continue its mission of amplifying the region’s music scene, GIMA 2021 will also host a business networking and matchmaking event called the Golden Indie Music Forum.

Happens on November, 1st and November 4, the event will be divided into two sections where the first session will be themed Local Cross-Media ‧ Music Production and Sales Summit Meeting and is intended to discuss music related activities in Taiwan.

While the second session is reserved for Analysis of independent music circles and market exchanges in Asia, where the speakers will talk about the Asian music industry at large. The session will be divided into three stages, covering North East Asia (Korea and Japan), South East Asia and China.

The Golden Indie Music Forum will be broadcast live on GIMA’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

A range of talented artists and musicians are poised to win some of Asia’s most respected accolades. Well-known Taiwanese artists like ØZI, Sunset Rollercoaster, and Shi Shi to emerging artists from across the region such as Shy, Audrey Nuna, and Shikin Rollin, GIMA 2021 highlights a wide range of talented and impactful artists.

As a special honor, GIMA 2021 will also award Wu wu-chang with the Outstanding Contribution Award.

The awards ceremony will take place on November 6 at 7 p.m. PHT / SGT and will be broadcast live via GIMA’s YouTube and Facebook pages, as well as LINE TODAY and LINE MUSIC. Check out the full list of nominees here.

Best album
Lady of the ocean – Exit drift
Capture of the island – Fade to blue

Best group
Roller coaster at sunset / MILD STORM
Skaraoke / Skaraoke Vol. 1: the greatest successes
Sorry young people /Bad times, good times
Prairie WWWW /Dream of Formosa

Best singer-songwriter
Parsnip /LOVE AND MORE …
Shi Shi /Where is SHI?
MY NIEN HSIEN /Mom jeans and dad shoes

Best New Artist
Shikin Rollin /Green
Huan Huan /Water can go anywhere
Dog Dog Lu /The path
I want to sleep/Bare grouse

Best instrumentalist
Wu Cheng Chun /Water flake goes to the market
achinoThe stories
KITrust /Black and tenacity
Chung Yufeng /Capture of the island
David Chen /Capture of the island
Toshihiro Wakaike /Yu
Dog Dog Lu /The path
Adriano Moreira /Cook the Vibe: Leo Wang Live at Meowvelous

Best live performance
Breaking through the wall of an endless maze + Revenge is a dish best eaten cold – Major in Body Bear
BROTHER TAIZI DORÉ – Citrus juicer
Leo Wang performing live at the 2021 Megaport Festival -Léo Wang
Skaraoke Vol. 1: the greatest successes – SKARAOKE

Best Asian Creative Artist
morning glory days – Timid
Whoops ! – EIKO + ERIKO
🙂 – Nodey
A liquid breakfast -Audrey Nuna

Best rock album
Lady of the ocean – Exit drift
Bad times, good times – Sorry youth
Demo III – Windmill

Best rock song
‘Desire’ – Shikin Rollin
“Paint the trail of the whisper in every captured moment” – Major in Body Bear
‘Lady of the Ocean’ – Outlet Drift
“Lucky Like You” – KST

Best folk album
Water flake goes to the market – Sheng Xiang and group
Capture of the island – Fade to blue
Stroll in Naluwan – Dakanow
I wanna be a country man in the city – Johnny Tsai

Best folk song
‘The Tofu Guy’ – Sheng Xiang & Band
“Oh my dear” – Syaman macinanao
‘Ay Yi’ – Dakanow
‘’ – LÃœCY
“The child of Poros and Penia” – Come on! Bay Bay!

Best Hip-Hop Album
Xiaoming and the city – Fresh Trout
thanks – Chunyan
anguish -Patrick Brasca
SKY – Dizzy Dizzo
Bare grouse – I want to sleep

Best Hip-Hop Song
“The feat of deep breathing. Jerry Li ‘- Chunyan
“Let me speak” – GorDoN
‘Cheap Red Mouth’ – BEN
’88 BARS ‘- Kumachan
‘Black’ – want to sleep

Best Electronic Album
a happy life – ufa
Black and tenacity – OVDS
Paramita – Fatal Ruby
Simulation of an overloaded world – Sonia Calico
Archimedes – Apio, Funguz, Kaiel

Best Electronic Song
“Happy life” – ufa
“Cheat Death” – OVDS
‘fu’is’ – N1-NANGUAQ
“Being emotional” – Ruby Fatale
‘zaljum (Sunrise version)’ – Ń7ä feat. ABAO and R.fu

Best Jazz Album
The 13th Heron – YenTing Lo
Whisper of the isolated -Roger Lin
Fly by the light – Tokyo Chuo Line
The path – Chien Chien Lu
Islanders – Island futurism

Best Jazz Song
“Engraved in the moon” – YenTing Lo
‘Drawings, pills, chocolate’ – Roger Lin
‘Vagabond Dance’ – Tokyo Chuo Line
‘Mom’s chatter’ / žž
‘The Way’ – Chien Chien Lu

Best R&B Album
Where is SHI? – Shi Shi
To my correspondent – Yufu

Best R&B Song
‘Post-monologue’ – YELLOW
‘Oh Girl’ – LINION
‘LIMO’ – 鶴 The Crane
‘My heart is plastic’ – Robot Swing & 陳 以 恆 、 洪佩瑜
‘Tell me’ (Prod. By DJ Mitsu The Beats) – 9m88

Best Alternative Pop Album
MILD STORM I – Roller coaster at sunset
Serene reminder – Fur.
Mom Jeans and Dad Shoes – MY NIEN HSIEN
Apaz – Utjung Tjakivalide
Back to basics – Matzka 瑪斯卡

Best Alternative Pop Song
‘Candlelight’ – Sunset Rollercoaster feat. OHHYUK
‘Mountain Dude’ – LINION, L8ching
‘Infected’ – Shi Shi
‘Desert, roses and camel’ – YILE LIN
“Millions of years apart” – The feat of the dinosaur skin. MANDARK

Outstanding Contribution Award
Wu wu chang

Presented by GIMA 2021



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