Taylor Swift’s All Too Well Is The Perfect Indie Movie Down To Its Cameo


Let’s break down the melodramatic short of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” and how the ending keeps it from being the perfect independent film.

Popular singer Taylor Swift re-recorded and released it Red album on his terms, with a short film for “All Too Well”. There’s even lyrics added, which seem to shed more light on her whirlwind relationship when she was 20 with Jake Gyllenhaal over ten years ago and the nine-year age gap. Interestingly, as impressive as the short is in terms of the perfect indie flick, its affection and drama are sadly ruined in the final moments.

“All Too Well: The Short Film,” about 10 minutes, focuses on him (Dylan O’Brien) and her (Sadie Sink) as they embark on a love affair. It’s a cool Netflix-style story with great cinematography and smart pacing, with Swift’s lyrics serving as the backdrop, or soundtrack if you will, as it details the couple trying to make it last. It is reminiscent of Swift’s brief three-month romance with the actor, depicting them fighting and then breaking up due to the age difference.

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The short shows him ignoring her at a dinner party with his older friends, cursing at them, and then life frustrations that keep him from juggling his career with that romance and someone in need. attention and care. This ultimately leads to a breakup, with her becoming a writer, attending art events and hoping for him to show up, as well as missing his 21st birthday party – what many think is a nod to Gyllenhaal avoiding the big one. opportunity to swift back then.

Taylor Swift's All Too Well Has It In A Cameo, With Dylan O'Brien's Him Breaking Up With Sadie Sink's Her

The celebrity factor aside, this is a portray of a powerful character as the couple clearly love each other, but know they are hurting each other. From her not wanting to take his calls to him walking down lonely alleys and going forward, it feels like they are soul mates who maybe not meant to be in love, but who should. at least be friends. He winks at the likes of Dawson Creek, Master of None, Me and Earl and the dying girl and Half of it, showing that romance isn’t the only ingredient relationships need to survive.

But “All Too Well: The Short Film” ultimately collapses in the time jump where Her becomes an accomplished novelist and does a public reading. Spying on her from the store window, only for a red-haired Swift to appear as Her. Now, that may be autobiographical, but it feels cheesy, cheap, and tacky, as Swift is nothing like the freckled sink. This short prides itself on its authenticity and relativity, so makeup artists could have been used or even another older actress.

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That takes the artistry and authorial feel of “All Too Well: The Short Film”, which bills itself as a promotional video, and well, the marketing from Swift. If she had just cut out her cameo, it would have felt more authentic and less of an ego issue. Additionally, seeing Sink and O’Brien older and meeting each other, rather than Him walking away as She gets her supreme press moment, would have also suited the genre and narrative better.

It would’ve been an emotional cliffhanger for the faces viewers are already connected with, leaving fans to imagine what they said and also, created room for a sequel, musically and visually. Instead, Swift’s cameo, lack of reunion, and forcing her into the role of winner doesn’t have the sentimentality it wanted, devaluing a love story for fans and non-fans alike.

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