Taiwan’s indie music scene takes center stage in 10-part docuseries “Road To Legacy”


Taiwan-based English-language streaming platform TaiwanPlus shines a light on the journeys of ten of the biggest artists in Taiwan’s indie music scene in a new 10-part docuseries titled Road to Legacy.

The first three parts of the docuseries were released on the platform on January 17 and are free to distribute on the TaiwanPlus website for a global audience.

Co-produced by TaiwanPlus and renowned Taiwanese concert hall Legacy Taipei, the docuseries includes footage shot over two and a half years tracking the featured artists’ careers. The resulting documentary is an intimate portrait of the struggles of indie bands in Taiwan’s competitive music scene as the bands discuss their origins and how they pieced together their musical identities while encountering hardships and setbacks. .

In a statement shared by Business Wireexecutive producer for Road to Legacy Tien Tsung Ma said the wide range of genres found in Taiwan’s independent scene was a key motivation for producing such a documentary at this particular time, saying, “Contemporary Taiwanese music ranges from electronic music, rock, folk to hip-hop, and this docuseries is a timely snapshot of the Taiwanese music scene.

Watch the trailer for Road to Legacy below.

The first three parts released on January 17 focus on alternative rock band Tizzy Bac, punk rockers 88BALAZ and pop-classic duo Nighteentael. The next three episodes will be released in February and will feature pop-punk band PA PUN BAND, singer-songwriter Dadado Huang and experimental rockers Sweet John.

The final four parts of the docuseries are slated for release in March and will feature Malaysian rapper Namewee, indigenous R&B singer ABAO, electro-pop trio The Next Big Thing and singer-songwriter LINION.

Namewee made headlines last year after NFT sales of his controversial hit “Fragile” reportedly netted the rapper 209 ETH in Ether cryptocurrency (equivalent to around MYR 4 million). He has since declared his refusal to cash out his winnings, promising to let them circulate in the virtual world in a move “against the banks of the world”.

In June 2021, he again courted controversy after enraging fans of K-pop group BLACKPINK with a lyrical reference in his song “You Know Who Is My Father?”. The backlash was centered on a line in Mandarin that translates to “Always watch BLACKPINK and masturbate”, which led to criticism that the song objectifies women.


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