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There are new and exciting talents everywhere. Artists of all disciplines often learn from leaders of the past to move forward and create their own distinctive styles. It’s a trusted formula for many of today’s top-selling trendsetters. But finding developing artists who really push the boundaries of what is possible can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately, Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlists make this discovery simple and enjoyable for the public all over the world.

Launched in 2016, Fresh Finds playlists are a dual-use hub for listeners looking for something new, as well as independent artists keen to be heard. Since then, Fresh Finds has featured over 27,000 artists from different genres whose music has taken off to reach listeners around the world.

To expand the success of playlists, Spotify launched the Fresh Finds marketing program in May 2021. The initiative aims to give independent artists useful tools to be successful both in the competitive world of streaming and in their long-term careers. term.

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“Independent artists are at the forefront of the future of music,” says Rachel Ring, head of music marketing at Spotify. “It is essential that we continue to create space and opportunities for this large group of artists, to meet them where they are, to provide them with the tools to allow them to have an agency throughout their career and to give them a voice in our marketing campaigns. ”

Using a combination of data, online buzz, social media, and editorial review, Spotify’s marketing and editorial teams decided which creators qualified for the inaugural program. The eight talented musicians, divided into two distinct classes, turned out to be an innovative and nuanced collective that embodied the Fresh Finds philosophy.

This first group of artists and producers included Wallice, who worked alongside Marinelli and Ariel Rechtshaid; Unusual Demont, who collaborated with The Idiot; Julia Wolf, who teamed up with Jackson Foote; and EKKSTACY, who partnered with Jonny Pierce of The Drums. The second class of independent inductees included TOLEDO, who created music with Gabe Wax; Pom Pom Squad, who teamed up with Sarah Tudzin of the Illuminati Hotties; Araya, who worked alongside Mindchatter; and Doss, which was paired with Cecilia Gault.

For six to eight weeks, the eight artists received a masterclass that delved into all the resources available in the Spotify ecosystem. They learned how to use the Spotify for Artists tools, had the opportunity to work with Spotify’s songwriter and publisher relations teams, and experienced one-on-one mentorship. At the end of the program, each musician, better equipped with the knowledge and tools to take their career to the next level, created an original Spotify track for the Fresh Finds playlist, after pairing with producers to help them. to realize their visions.

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To support and impact other artists who are gaining traction within the Fresh Finds ecosystem, Spotify has partnered with Samsung to provide these musicians with tangible resources and feature them in ads within the playlist. “My phone is one of the most important tools in my life,” says Elena Rose of Miami. “I record on my dictaphone every day. On my notes too… I write everything there. My favorite thing in the world is video calling. That person can write with me on that two-minute or three-hour call.

Samsung aims to give Rose and other emerging artists, such as Otis Kane, Blu De Tiger, Fiji Blue, maye and ELLIANA useful tools to develop their careers, whether by helping them drive their creative process, to share their work with their loved ones. or connect with fans.

“The phone is really important to my creative process,” says Blue De Tiger. “The hands-free video options are really, really cool, especially for me because I’m constantly filming what I’m doing and need both hands to play. I am very active on social media… These days it is important that your fans are involved and see your journey from start to finish.

Each artist was able to use the Galaxy Z Flip3, Galaxy Buds Pro, or Galaxy S21 5G for their creative needs. At the same time, the associated marketing amplification on Spotify was able to help them develop their audience and expand their fan base throughout the year.

Listen to the latest tracks from Fresh Finds Spotify Singles and discover other Fresh Finds artists in the playlist below.



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