Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlist Announces Full Partnership with Independent Artists


Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist has always been known for featuring fun and up-and-coming artists. But now Spotify has decided to become more intentional in raising these new artists. In May, the streaming service announced its first-ever partnership with independent artists, where they would pick four new artists and match them with accomplished producers. In the span of just a few weeks, the artist and producer created songs that fell as Spotify singles and are featured on Fresh Finds.

All four singles from these new artists are now available (June 23). The artists-Wallice, Unusual demon, Julia wolf and EKKSTACY—Have had a wide range of opportunities, from mentoring to a series of social media documentaries, to write and share their new tracks on such short notice.

Below are each of the new singles and artist comments on the story behind the lyrics and / or working with their partner producer. The quick process feels intimidating, uplifting, and beautifully rewarding.

Singles and Featured Artists

1. RBF: part 1By Julia Wolf, produced by Jackson Foote

In RBF, Wolf reflects on how society has unrealistic expectations of women as she sings about how people have always said she has a “bitchy face at rest.” The sweet pop production compliments Julia’s vocals beautifully, creating a catchy song that is also sweet and meaningful.

“The opening words, bitch face at rest / you can take it or leave it, is so brutal. Being too nice has always resulted in people taking advantage of me, and especially growing up, I accepted this behavior too much, ”says Wolf. “But in the same breath, being sure of yourself and finding that power within yourself to say no or do what’s best for you can kind of call you a ‘bitch.’ So if anyone uses this term to bring down a girl, it is a useful red flag on their personality. It tells me that I have to do something right, so I just take it as a compliment. There is an uplifting side to all of this and I wanted to shed some light on it. “

2. Hey!By Unusual Demont, produced by The Idiot (aka Kieran Watters)

The song hints at everything from punk to rap to pop, as Demont raps in a slow, relaxed manner that is almost mesmerizing. The production is upbeat and exciting, as listeners can focus on everything from the woozy chorus to the vocals of “hey” in the background.

“This is the first time that I’ve ever talked about anything other than relationships in a song, so I’m glad people are listening and can really see me beyond relationships. There is also a lot of intention in the delivery. I want to let you have your own take on that intention, just so you really stay tuned, ”Demont explains. creating a “melodic chaos” where the energy is so strong but underneath you can hear these synths seeping in. “

3. fucking everything!”By EKKSTACY (feat. The Drums), produced by Jonny Pierce of The Drums

The track, produced by and starring Jonny Pierce of The Drums, is powered by Pierce’s signature punk and new-wave sound. The tune is surprisingly upbeat and rhythmic, while EKKSTACY’s fatalistic chorus fuck everything lyrically juxtaposed with the musical accompaniment.

“’F * ck Everything’ is an indie punk song to make you sad and crappy,” shares Ekkstacy. “After I finished recording and mixing all my vocals I sent my stems to Jonny and he decided to rearrange and restructure the whole song. When he sent the song back I panicked a bit. C was like hearing a brand new song. I was with some of my friends, we all listened together, they lost their minds when they heard it. Try to reverse the audio of the song.

4. Nothing scares me»By Wallice, produced by marinelli & Ariel Rechtshaid

Wallice’s silky voice has a rousing pop energy, but the song isn’t straightforward at all. The single is complex with a production that plays with dynamics and reverberation, shifting from a high-energy vocals to vulnerable moments.

“I was writing the song with the prospect of being bored with everyday life. While we were writing the song, marinelli was reading a book by Murakami, in which a character’s smile “never extended beyond the moment”. I thought it was interesting that we pulled two different influences into a song, and we always came out with something consistent. I have known Marinelli since the age of 11 and have worked with him on music since the age of 17. I love working with him; We both have the same outlook on the music that we make. It was really exciting to add Ariel to the mix. I’m so used to working with only marinelli, and Ariel was able to add another layer. We recorded in his studio, which is quite different from Marinelli’s home studio. It was an incredible experience. “


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