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Indie music has grown to include so many things. It’s not just music that comes out on independent labels, but speaks to an aesthetic that deviates from the norm and follows its own quirky heart. This can take the form of rock, pop or folk music. In a way, that says as much about the people who are drawn to it as it is about the people who make it.

Every week, Uproxx rounds up the best new indie music from the past seven days. This week we received new music from Soccer Mommy, Tim Heidecker, Alex G and many more.

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Soccer mom — Sometimes forever

Soccer Mommy’s anticipated third studio album Sometimes forever finally came out. Featuring multi-layered production filled with cascading melodies courtesy of producer Oneohtrix Point Never, the album deepens its grunge-inspired music with a modern edge. Songs like “Darkness Forever” take on a masochistic lens while others like “Feel It All The Time” are a bit more sunny and upbeat.


Indie pop trio MUNA have been making music since 2017, but officially earned their indie stripes when they signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ label Saddest Factory. Since then, they’ve released danceable tracks filled with summery synths and confident lyrics. This belief is on full display on their self-titled third album, which is intertwined with shimmering chords and veiled desire.

Tim Heidecker— High school

With his new album High school, Tim Heidecker abandons his version of an autobiographical project filled with nostalgic, nasal and confessional pieces. While funny at times, the project overall distances itself from its brand of bizarre comedy popularized by its breakout show. Awesome show from Tim and Eric, great job!.

Automatique – Excess

LA Automatic trio bring Riot Grrrl to life with an 80s-inspired twist on their new album Excess. Fans of bands like Kraftwerk and Devo will love this conceptual, hard-rock project. Armed with a coy sense of sarcasm, the LP critiques the banalities of corporate culture and modern existence.

Alex G – “Runner”

Prolific independent favorite Alex G is looking to expand his reach with the next god save the animals, which was announced this week alongside the anthem “Runner.” The laid-back song is both playful and charming and arrives just in time for summer.

Stella Donnelly – “Flood”

Australian singer Stella Donnelly has shared the enchanting title track from her upcoming album Flood this week. The song was written during winter lockdown in Melbourne when it felt like a ‘deluge of trauma’ and everyone around her was struggling. Even still, the song has a hopeful air about it as it sings about being nice to strangers and retaining your ambition.

Gorillaz – “Cracker Island” Feat. thundercat

After kicking off their world tour, Gorillaz made a comeback with new music in the form of the track “Cracker Island” featuring Thundercat. With funky instrumentals and a punchy beat, Thundercat’s influence on the track is clear, but it also sounds like a throwback to Blur’s pop streak. Parklife time. Band member 2D said of “Cracker Island,” “It’s nice to be back, I’m good with our new track, it brings back weird and scary memories of things that haven’t happened yet. produced.”

First Aid Kit — “Angel”

Swedish sister duo Breakout First Aid Kit have decided to end their hiatus and return with new music in light of the events of the past few years. Their new anthem “Angel” features their signature harmonies over comforting chords. “Angel is a hopeful song, about accepting yourself and others even if you don’t always agree,” the band said of the song.

The Volta of Mars – “Blacklight Shine”

Nearly a decade after their breakup, The Mars Volta make a triumphant return with the upbeat number “Blacklight Shine.” Infused with Latin roots, punk, noise and math rock, the song signals the possibility of a new The Mars Volta project on the horizon.

Tianna Esperanza – “Princess Slit and the Raincoat Prince”

Rising songwriter Tianna Esperanza is set to release a new album, which she premiered with the addictive single “Princess Slit And The Raincoat Prince.” Starting soft and slow, the song turns into a hard rock anthem that acts as a tribute to individuality. The granddaughter of Paloma McLardy, founder of legendary British punk band The Slits, said: “I wanted to write a song that was a tribute to my punk roots and celebrated homosexuality.”

Djo – “Change”

Joe Keery is best known for his acting work and his breakout role as Steve Harrington on Netflix. stranger things. But when he’s not fighting demons on screen, he’s making groovy psychedelic rock music. Using the nickname Djo, Keery combines swirling chords and a groovy mood, exemplified by his new track “Change.

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