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The music-filled Saturday kicked off with an impressive performance from the local Houston guitarist and singer-songwriter. Jacob Hutto at the House of J in East Downtown. Hutto was almost a last second addition to the Astralace and Oh, Hooray lineup featured on the post.

Yet Jacob Hutto was an impressive musician. I was particularly impressed with Hutto’s ability to use negative space in his music. A solo group often struggles to perform in front of a decent-sized crowd, but Hutto seemed particularly experienced in using his sole voice and hollow-bodied electric guitar to elicit a fairly positive response from the audience.

The Gamma wave The guitarist showed his expertise by using practical guitar effects to accompany his impressive vocal performance as well as his skillful instrumentation. For one man and his guitar, Jacob Hutto was able to set the tone for the evening to come.

Jacob Hutto shows off his impressive guitar and songwriter abilities (courtesy Brandon Smith).

Jacob Hutto performing his set. (Courtesy of Keylee Paz)

After Jacob Hutto, there was the impressive independent trio from Houston known as the Astralace (formerly known as Lovelace). The independent trio featured the impressive songwriting of keyboardist and vocalist Ashley Lacy, bassist Zach and drummer and harmonizer Lauren.

Astralace continued the vibes of the cold evening at the House of J with their performance. Astralace’s music followed a minimalist style, using simplicity and emotion to its fullest potential. It was clear that the independent trio understood each other and their recorded material on all streaming services reflect this.

Astralace singer Ashley Lacy and drummer Lauren. (Courtesy of Brandon Smith)

Astralace performing their set. (Courtesy of Keylee Paz)

Finally, the pop art group called Oh, hurray took the stage. The group was only formed this year 2021, but quickly gained recognition when featured on NPR’s “Top 2021 Tiny Desk Contest Entries We’ve Seen This Week”. With members Jamie M. Mcdonald, Ashley Lacy, Zachery Lacy, Lauren Poland, Allen Vinson and Adam P, each member playing a few different instruments passing through the set.

At this point in the show, more people have sat down to listen to another sweet band for the night. The group began to perform through their songs which ranged from melancholy songs to their most exciting tunes. Between their set, Jamie told us a little story behind the frames around their set which had painted “sad”, which has become the band’s mantra. As they continued their set, people couldn’t take their eyes off them, as if everyone was in the trance of the group. To complete their set, the group played a cover of Nirvana “Lithium”. Everyone was singing and it was a great conclusion to a wonderful show. Overall, the band put in a great performance after hard rehearsal work for their next full LP.

Oh, Hooray playing their set. (Courtesy of Keylee Paz)



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