Prashant Ingole on the entry into the indie music space: I am not an opportunist, I trust in the current



Many people have found the pandemic as a time to focus on their independent musical work, including lyricist Prashant Ingole.

He has organized a 10 song album written, composed and produced by him over the past two years. He collaborated with Russian artist Angel Levada for this.

“I am not an opportunist, I trust the current. I was working on a lot of songs and figured out why not release them instead of just doing them and now since platforms release songs it’s very easy to reach audiences in any corner ”, he said.

Ingole, who wrote hit songs in films like Course 2, Bajirao Mastani and Marie-Kom, says the pandemic has been as routine for him as ever.

“I’m a recluse sitting at home most of the time with rare friends. The best companion for me is music and movies. This is what I did during this time of Covid, I worked on a few scripts, wrote hundreds of songs and did a few of them. It gave me the opportunity to explore music and try a few new things, ”adds the musician.

The detrimental effects of the pandemic on the music industry is also something people are worried about.

“Yes, it’s too sad how the world has stopped with Covid,” admits Ingole, while adding: “The money circle has stopped due to quarantine or being in home for part one. I’m glad things started to move. And yes, there are such phases in life that are unexpected and inevitable that we should be ready for. “

When it comes to work, even her schedule is improving, Ingole shares while revealing that there are two big movies lined up with some super explosive songs.

“On top of that, I’m a writer-director for my first Marathi feature film in which I also composed and wrote the lyrics that I hope to see come out in the middle of next year. Life is explosive and I don’t can’t afford to let the fireworks pass, ”he concludes.



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