Phoenix hosts first-ever Latina indie music festival

Photo courtesy of The Funky Latina.

Over the past weekend, Phoenix was the scene of the first Latina indie music festival in the state – and probably the country. Hosted by Elyssa “The Funky Latina” Bustamante, a local music blogger and event producer, “The Funky Latina” festival is another phenomenon move from social media to the big stage.

“I started a segment on Instagram Live called ‘Let’s Hear It.’ And so every two weeks I interview a Latinx artist on Instagram Live, and we talk about community and culture and music and the way it all collides,” Bustamante said. Fronteras Office. “And a recurring theme that I kept hearing in those interviews was that they love their music, they love being Latino artists, but Latino artists don’t get invited to festivals, and if they are, they’re at the bottom of the poster. And so, after hearing that, like many times in many interviews, I decided that I was not going to wait for someone to invite us to the table. Let’s build our own festival.

Her blog “The Funky Latina,” a platform with MySpace vibes that gladdens our melancholy hearts, has evolved into Funky Latina Productions, a company dedicated to increasing Latino representation in the music industry. Bustamante has produced private and large-scale events for various corporate, non-profit, educational and political clients.

But last weekend, Bustamante kicked off the first Latin indie music festival. “A Night of Paz, Love & Funk” took place at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix and featured local and Californian independent artists.

Without a doubt, “The Funky Latina” has become a voice and a platform for Latin musical talent.


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