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A foundation with the greenest and most secure blockchain ecosystem in the world has selected Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) to host a new research and education center aimed at developing and advancing blockchain technologies.

“As a world-renowned university with deep expertise in IT and related fields, we now aim to build a blockchain talent pool for Singapore. Through research, new programs and refresher courses, NTU will provide undergraduates, postgraduates and industry professionals with knowledge and cutting-edge know-how in blockchain, to accelerate industry adoption of the technology,” said Professor Ling San, Vice President and Provost, NTU. .

The industry is eager to collaborate and develop expertise in blockchain, which is a rapidly evolving field in which NTU faculty have made breakthroughs in research. NTU joins other prestigious universities around the world in receiving this US$50 million program as the only leading organization in Asia.

A fully decentralized, secure and scalable blockchain serves as the foundation, providing a standard platform to create goods and services for a global economy. The goal of the program is to create a global network of institutions for blockchain and cryptocurrency research and education that advances interdisciplinary, collaborative, cutting-edge knowledge and technology.

Over the next five years, the center hopes to become a hub for blockchain education and research, as well as fostering a vibrant ecosystem to advance blockchain development and adoption in Singapore and across the country. region.

Working with industry partners, the center will also develop real-world blockchain applications with societal, sustainable and economic implications for Singapore and the region. Additionally, the center’s research will be multidisciplinary, ranging from engineering and computer science to economics and business.

A key goal of the center, as part of NTU’s 2025 strategic plan to develop new technologies capable of solving some of humanity’s greatest challenges, is to develop real-world blockchain applications in collaboration with industry partners. industry, which will have societal, sustainable and economic implications. impact for Singapore and the region.

One of the five initial blockchain research projects is SGVerse, a metaverse platform for smart grid technologies to be tested around the world. Other projects include enterprise blockchain implementation and blockchain-based machine learning for financial data management.

An International Blockchain Technical Alliance will also be created to facilitate exchanges and cooperation between leading institutes and to promote the use of blockchain technology to key decision makers and the public.

NTU will also seek to develop new talent in the field by launching a new Master of Science in Blockchain postgraduate program and an undergraduate minor in Blockchain. These modules will educate students on technology and content, as well as provide hands-on experience on its blockchain platform, driving awareness and adoption of the technology in the ecosystem.

Plans are also under way to turn these modules into small courses that can be combined to obtain a FlexiMaster or micro-certificates, with Continuing Education (CET) courses made available online to learners around the world.

The NTU Smart Campus will serve as an ideal testing ground for new solutions developed through the Centre’s education, research and innovation activities. To create an environment in which new blockchain technologies can be tested and validated, NTU will create an “Innovation Sandbox” for blockchain as an open test bed. This environment will have the necessary security precautions in place as well as a lax enforcement of certain legal and regulatory requirements. This sandbox will then contribute to the industry’s adoption and commercialization of blockchain technologies.

The establishment of the center aims to be the epicenter of pioneering blockchain research, knowledge creation and innovation, catalyzing blockchain adoption for socio-economic impact in Singapore, ASEAN and beyond.


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