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The city of VernonBC, has his own role in the film Young Ronin which is written, directed and produced by a Vernon resident who also stars in the film.

Mitchell Vandlerberg is now ready to reveal his film to the world.

“This movie is a coming-of-age martial arts movie,” Vanlerberg said.

“It’s about these two young martial artists from a teenage orphanage who go undercover at a high school to kidnap a wealthy teenage celebrity, and they do it for money for their sick friend’s surgery and the conflict begins to arise when one of them begins to fall in love with the girl they are trying to kidnap.

This is Vanlerberg’s second feature and he doesn’t jump on the action.

“It costs millions and millions of dollars to make an action movie in Hollywood, and then to do it on a small micro-budget is hard but, with all the support from the community [we could make a good film]“, said Vanlerberg.

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For five months, the stars of the film worked on choreography at Kees Tae Kwon Do in Vernon.

Because the film is rooted in the community, it’s not hard to spot familiar faces and places.

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“Downtown Vernon plays a big role. We’re all over downtown Vernon,” said Peter Kaz, a producer of Young Ronin and an actor.

“There are places like Marten Brewing Co. as well as the Towne Theater itself, the bowling alley, Lake Kalamalka is definitely in there, [and] lots of street photos, [and] a few back alleys because there’s a seedy underworld that’s set in this movie.

Now the film is ready for public viewing. Young Ronin debuts at the Vernon Towne Theater on October 14 and tickets are still available online.

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