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Sunidhi Chauhan started singing in movies when she was only 12 years old with the song Ladki Deewani Dekho from the 1996 movie Shastra. Since then she has only grown, made a name for herself and become one of the most popular and respected singer of the generation. For much of the past two decades, Sunidhi and Shreya Ghoshal arguably sang the majority of songs in the Hindi film industry.

But apart from film music, Sunidhi also tried her hand at other avenues. She had released albums during the initial phase of her career and even offered independent singles at regular intervals throughout her career. Most recently, she collaborated with Shalmali on an English single, Here Is Beautiful, which was released last month and became the first single from Shalmali’s recently released 2X album.

Ask Sunidhi that even after becoming such a strong force in the Hindi film music industry, does she have a more liberating experience when recording independent songs and she agrees. “The pleasure of this genre, I only experienced it when I did it myself. Last year I released a song in October, Kuch Khaab. It was my first non-film release. after almost 15-20 years. The video for that was very modest but it all started from there, ”she shares.

Sunidhi maintains, however, that even Kuch Khaab had a fuzzy touch and that she still has a lot to learn. “Even though it is an independent song, Kuch Khaab is a romantic song that can easily be portrayed in a movie. When Here Is Beautiful arrived, I felt another level of freedom. I realized that I wanted to sing with this feeling of freedom without any restrictions. Now that I’ve tasted it, I want to explore it, ”she says.

However, Sunidhi clarifies that she does not intend to move away from film music to devote herself to independent music. “I won’t stop singing songs from movies because I am who I am because of them. Also, experience of indie music will make me more interested in singing songs from movies. If you do something that makes you happy, you will make sure you do better in other areas as well. If I keep doing one thing, I’ll get bored eventually. It will help me grow in all the directions I want to go, ”she insists.

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