New Music From 10 Indie Artists We’re Rocking This Month


From transcendent vocals and thoughtful lyrics to energetic beats that will have your head bobbing, the latest tracks from our favorite indie artists are sure to deserve a spot on your playlist. Exploring relatable themes like the euphoria of love, the discomfort of a quarter-life crisis, the solace of the mountains and more, you’re sure to find a part of yourself in the melodies. Here are 10 new releases we’re currently listening to:

New music from indie artists rocking us this month

1. Tsumyoki

Nathan Joseph Mendes, known by his stage name Tsumyoki (meaning vision, productivity and positive mindset) is a 21-year-old artist from Goa who, through his music, aims for his listeners to reach the state of “Tsumyoki” with him. “A state where we can all live in peace, positivity and pure unconditional love, and where the world has stopped its glorious spins,” he explains in his Spotify bio. Her first single Feel good from his new album released last week and we can’t help but listen to it over and over.

2. Anoushka Maskey

Singer-songwriter Anoushka Maskey has released her new dream single So long already. Still last month, its first release in over a year. “The song explores the unprecedented nature of a long-distance relationship by presenting the idea that while one would expect to get used to something that happens often, pulling apart and reuniting again and again is something to you never really get used to it,” she wrote.

3. Avanti Nagral

Avanti Nagral’s new album quarter-life crisis dropped out today and already got us hooked! Speaking about his inspiration for new music, Avanti says, “Being in your twenties comes with its own set of challenges. quarter-life crisis describes an experience familiar to many – feeling accomplished but behind, feeling young but in charge of everything, falling in love and falling in love and the pressures of the digital age. The eight-song album is my most vulnerable work to date, inspired by personal stories and a difficult year. It explores themes such as loss of control, grief, navigating the public eye, adulthood, situations, self-acceptance and more. The hope with this album is that people find a part of themselves in it, just as cathartic as it was creating it.

4. Easy wanderings

Known for their delicate melodies and ambient soul, pop and folk influences, Easy Wanderlings are an eight-member band based in Pune. Their new EP Caught in a parade is a moving addition to their musical journey with heartwarming vocals and upbeat beats. Watch out for them in Lollapalooza India!

5. Frizzell D’souza

Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter Frizzell D’souza’s new EP The hills know you will make you dance to its melodies that will immerse you in the liberating spirit of the mountains. With themes of love and heartbreak at heart, told in different ways, each song feels like a warm hug.

6. Trance Effect

Nagaland indie pop rock band ‘Trans Effect’ released their new single We will get there featuring TK Lemtur, Big Dane and Nentong Konyak last week as the official theme song for the Nagaland 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The energetic beat and powerful lyrics are perfect for your Monday motivational playlist.

7. Thermal and a quarter

Formed in 1996, Thermal And A Quarter are an indie rock band from Bangalore who describe their music as “overtly Western – guitar, bass, drums, English lyrics – but nestled within that shell is a complex, multi-layered and nuanced experience: where Emily Dickinson meets Tagore, Phish meets The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Steely Dan goes out for a curry.” Their new single what a world is an instant dopamine hit that’s sure to get you dancing.

8. Tanmaya Bhatnagar

Delhi-based independent singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar’s new single Kahaani is about “trying to find a cure for the perpetual loneliness you can feel, even in the happiest times of your life”. Set against a beautiful soundscape, her soothing voice is medicine for a weary heart.

9. Raghav Meattle, Hanita Bhambri, Ashish Zachariah

Raghav Meattle’s new single Woh Saat Din, his first Hindi song in collaboration with Hanita Bhambri and Ashish Zachariah reminds us of young summer loves. The track invites you to close your eyes and let the soothing voice transport you to your happiness.

10. Shrinidhi Ghatate

Shrinidhi Ghatate’s new single Raat from his next album so far makes excellent company in the quiet of the night. The beautiful composition is accompanied by a wholesome music video that is sure to put a smile on your face.

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