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We spotlight independent music from artists, musicians, bands, singers and songwriters around the world in all formats.

—Zak and Susan Becker

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 18, 2022 / — For too long, the usual way for an unsigned musician or band to get their music heard was by constantly touring, playing dive bars, clubs, and other small venues, while peddling CDs homemade and while waiting for this big break. Not anymore, say “Big” Zak and Susan Becker, the couple behind SOUND KHARMA®the innovative music platform that breaks down the walls between independent artists and global audiences.

“All music should be heard,” says Zak, an award-winning radio host. He explains that SOUND KHARMA® is “a movement for music fans and creators of all types and genres. We encourage participation from everyone, from artists and musicians to promoters and fans. Our mission is to showcase and showcase talented independent artists, unsigned artists, and everyone in between.

Zak and Susan do just that every week on Fastracks, an independent music discovery podcast that spotlights five new independent songs in under five minutes. “We spotlight independent music from artists, musicians, bands, singers and songwriters around the world in all formats,” he says. A recent edition of Fastracks—watch it at SOUND KHARMA® website or on Youtube—windows:

Mark Remmington returns with his second solo album “Sofanauts,” a (loosely) rock/pop sci-fi themed musical escapade, leading with the lyric video for the track “Boom, Knock You Down.”• Canadian rockers The Reed Effect” have warped minds with their lyrics, rocked hips with their riffs, and assaulted all five senses with an onslaught of increasingly addictive rock hooks that draw from grunge, metal, and blues.

Art-rock quartet from Manchester, Weimar, presents the single “I Smashed The Looking Glass”, a surreal and upbeat rock track enhanced with psychedelic effects, exploring themes of identity crisis and the interrelationship between the artist’s true self and public persona. • British musician and composer Jackson Mico Milas: “a mature and elegant suite of compositions encompassing acoustic, alt-folk and jazz elements to set up soaring and heartfelt songs.

Welcome to the wild, weird and whimsical world of Crocodyle, your new favorite foursome from Nashville. Crocodyle is an alternative rock band in the vein of the Arctic Monkeys crossed with Green Day. The joy of playing is their foundation – frontman Huxley Rittman, who grew up in Singapore and found his way to Tennessee via Boston, connected with drummer and Atlanta native Hays Thompson, and they began to work together to eventually complete the lineup. with CJ Gravley-Novello (bass) and Christi Landis (guitar). Each episode of Fastracks opens with a brief biography, background, and interesting facts before previewing the videos. Probably the coolest thing about Fastracks is that anyone can submit a song and video for review.

“We invite everyone to contribute,” says Zak. “If you’re an artist or in a band or know a talented musician you’d like us to feature, let us know.” Just click the link, fill out the short form, and download the video, all for free. “Submissions from anyone are always welcome. The only thing we ask is to be respectful and positive,” he says. “Our goal is to share and encourage. Our intention is simply to find real music by real artists and tell people about it, so that all the music is heard.

Susan Becker is the Founder, CEO and Global Visionary of SOUND KHARMA®. His background in radio and his enthusiasm for good music fuel his passion. Becker’s artistic spirit, natural talent and affection for showcasing incredibly talented artists is the driving force behind the mission to expand and change the way new music is consumed by existing and new fans alike.
“Big” Zak Becker is the host of “Song Spotlight” and the “Fastracks” series. His background as an award-winning radio host, audio and video editor and web developer provides the perfect balance to execute the vision of SOUND KHARMA.® Platform.

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