Launches “500 Artists Wanted” Campaign to Elevate Independent Artists Affected by COVID-19


Independent artists facing lack of work amid the current COVID-19 crisis have a potential new sponsor: (stylized MUSIC.COM), launched its “500 Artists Wanted” campaign today (May 1), exclusively telling Forbes about the search to find 500 individual artists based in the United States to share their song story videos on the platform.

Open call search is akin to”home gig booking” according to the company, with the site paying $250 to 500 selected artists and bands in exchange for sharing a story about one of their songs on the platform.

“We hope to reinforce for the community of artists the benefits, the power of storytelling when it comes to promoting their music, while also rewarding them for doing so,” said Robby Wells, CEO and co-founder of Music. com. “We thought it was even important to frame it as a paid gig in an environment where paid gigs are almost impossible to find.”

The “500 Artists Wanted” campaign is the first large-scale search to tell’s artist stories since its soft launch in 2019. Amid planning to expand the platform’s reach this year, the coronavirus pandemic has brought much of the US music industry to a halt, and the campaign is’s attempt to play its part in giving back. work to artists while drawing attention to its goals.

“We have a very shiny silver object in our domain name, using ‘MUSIC.COM’, so just by setting up a shop you have curious people coming to see what we’re doing,” says Wells. “And we haven’t done anything aggressive to date to raise awareness of what we’re doing, so it’s definitely our coming out party. There’s a bit of nervousness that goes with it, but it’s is the first time that we recruit artists not only to tell stories on the platform at this level but also to let people know that we are here and that we are trying to revive a culture of storytelling in music, and c is really, really important to us.

Wells hopes the project can help artists hardest hit by COVID-19, but says everyone applying for the search must have music available on streaming platforms.

The project is supported by Sony Corporation’s Global Relief Fund for COVID-19 and launched in association with Sony’s 360 Reality Audio immersive audio experience, which creates new ways to listen to music in mapping sound sources. Of the submissions to “500 Artists Wanted,” 25 songs will be converted to the new 360 Reality Audio format and featured on

“As a company with close ties to creators and the music industry, Sony has been looking for ways to support independent artists affected by the unprecedented challenges facing the industry,” said Hiroshi Nakamura, Chief Executive Officer. head of Sony Home Entertainment’s Mobile Product Business. & Sound Products, Inc. “This project is the first step we can take at this time, and we will continue to work with MUSIC.COM and other partners to make positive contributions to the music community.”


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