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Maeve Gutierrez, owner of independent bookstore MDRN Tribe, held an “over 21” book fair at the Hangover Bar and Grill in Killeen on Sunday.

“We specialize in cultural and social awareness,” Gutierrez said in an earlier Herald report of books sold at his store.

Gutierrez’s website, moderntribebooks.com, states that it is an “independent bookstore and distribution company specializing in the observation, preservation, and celebration of literacy, the creative arts, and culture through books, films, art and healing”.

Book selections included personal growth, military and politics, women’s studies, business and financial interests.

In addition to books, there were candles, sage and, of course, drinks and food courtesy of Hangover.

“Our bookstore specializes in cultural studies, but there are also many other genres such as self-help, spiritual books, and tools,” Gutierrez said. “We’re just kind of there for the community to enjoy.”

When it comes to cultural studies, Gutierrez says the store focuses on people or communities that often don’t get much attention or resources.

“Whether it’s in school or just in society in general,” Gutierrez said.

The book fair ran from 1 to 5 p.m. and there were already a dozen people in Hangover and a few customers talking to Gutierrez about what to buy as she greeted them with a smile as the book fair has officially started.

The MDRN Tribe Bookstore is located at 2710 South Clear Creek, Suite 109 in Killeen.


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