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Abbreviation for “independent music” India music is a term that was coined in the 1980s to describe music outside of the mainstream and unsigned artists with one of the “Big Four” —EMI, Sony, Universal, and Warner.

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However, since its inception, a second definition of “indie” has emerged, thanks to changing trends and the rise of online internet culture. Now indie can refer to a certain style and sound of music that combines alt-pop, rock and popular influences.

Sweet beats of MUNA to the comforting feeling of Daylight, here are 14 artists from across indie pop, rock and folk specters you must check out today.


PIECE OF MONEY were formed in 2012 and currently consist of the singer Laurent chase, drummer Ryan winnen and guitarist Joe memmel. You might recognize this trio in their 2016 single “Talk Too Much” or their passage to support Young giant and Fitz and temper tantrums on tour. Masters of spellbinding synths and eye-catching hooks, COIN is a must-have for any indie pop / rock fan.


Filipino-British singer-songwriter beabadoobe has been making waves on the stage since his very first song “Coffee”, which caught him the attention of the 1975 and Dirty Hit Records. The song was also remixed by Powfu in “Deathbed (Coffee for the head)”, who went viral himself TIC Tac hit. Now a frequent collaborator with labelmate Matty healy, beabadoobee just shared his latest EP, Our extended game, end of June.


waltz are a powerful indie rock band led by a singer / actor Dylan minnette, which you may know as Jensen clay of Netflix TV show 13 reasons why. After training in 2011 and playing on Distorted tower under the name of Feaver, Minnette, Cole preston and Braeden Lemasters officially became Wallows in 2017. In the midst of their astonishing current discography is the Clairo the collaboration “Are You Bored Yet? », A song that has become synonymous with modern indie culture.

chloe moriondo

Although they are still teenagers, chloe moriondo proves that age does not determine talent. Starting their career posting ukulele covers on Youtube, they are now the lesbian representation they would have liked to have as a child. Moriondo was the cover star of Alternative Press’ Pride earlier this year and discussed their coming out and their musical identity as an alternative artist.

Briston Maroney

Start auditioning for American Idol in 2013, Briston Maroney now offers several EPs with an unforgettable indie-folk sound. With roots in bluegrass and from the street, Maroney’s song “Fool’s Gold” was also notably hand-picked and featured on Taylor Swift‘s Apple Music’ Playlist by ME! “


Katie gavin, Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson make up the group MUNA. After meeting in college at USC, the trio began collaborating and experimenting with their sound before releasing their first EP on their own, More perfect, in 2014. MUNA uses its platform to address topics such as gender and sexuality and continuously advocates for LGBTQIA + communities, in the hope of inspiring young people to be truly themselves. They toured to support Harry Styles and recently collaborated with Phoebe bridgers on “Chiffon”.

Sam fender

Sam fender started playing guitar and writing songs before he was even 15 years old. One of his first musical endeavors included his band entering and winning a competition judged by Healy. After health issues changed his outlook on life and the kind of music he wanted to make, Fender began releasing music independently and touring to support artists such as Bob dylan and Liam Gallagher.

Declan McKenna

You can recognize Declan McKenna from her self-released debut single “Brazil”, which addressed FIFA’s problematic actions when it hosted the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014, while ignoring the political and societal issues plaguing the country. Since this track became successful, McKenna has continued to use her platform to advocate for various social causes while experimenting with her sonic and artistic identity.


Although Irish indie rock band Inhaler only released their first feature film, It won’t always be like this, earlier this year, the group is well on its way to success. They seamlessly combine rock-influenced synths and riffs to create a perfectly unique indie sound.

girl in red

Considered by some to be a queer icon of modern youth culture, girl in red is one of the most influential leaders in indie pop-room kind. Her debut single “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend”, along with her subsequent releases “Summer Depression” and “Girls” proved to the world that the Girl in Red is a staple in independent music.

The Hunna

Independent rockers the Hunna be inspired by artists like Kings of Leon and 1975, but formed their own indie-rock sound. “Hunna” is derived from the slang word for 100, and there is no doubt that this group has put 100% into their art.

Bad suns

Influenced by artists such as the treatment and Elvis Costello, Bad suns formed in 2012 and has made a name for itself ever since. For indie dream pop, singer Christo bowman, guitarist Ray libby, bass player Gavin Bennett and drummer Miles Morris are the surefire way to go.


Daylight, the musical project of the singer-songwriter and producer Sloan struble, mix indie-pop and alternative styles in warm and heartwarming songs. Just like the title of their first album, Blurry brain, Dayglow music scratches your brain in the right place, whatever your mood.

Small swimming pools

The perfection of indie-pop comes in the form of Small swimming pools. Singer Sean Scanlon, guitarist Mike Kamerman and drummer Beau-Kuther make up the group. With a dozen singles under their belt, there truly is a Smallpools song for every mood you can imagine.



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