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Independent music has grown to include so much. It’s not just music that comes out on independent labels, but it caters to an aesthetic that deviates from the norm and follows its own bizarre heart. It can take the form of rock, pop or folk music. In a sense, that says as much about the people who are drawn to it as it does the people who make it.

Every week Uproxx brings together the best new independent music from the past seven days. This week we got Metallica’s massive self-titled LP tribute album, Ryan Pollie’s first new single in two years, and another taste of Illuminati Hotties’ upcoming album. Check out the rest of the best new indie music below.

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Metallica – The Metallica Blacklist

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Metallica’s legendary eponymous fifth album, and the band is celebrating the occasion with an absolutely massive compilation of covers from some of the world’s greatest artists, as well as the most promising. The Metallica Blacklist includes over 50 interpretations of classic cuts by Miley Cyrus, Mac DeMarco, Rina Sawayama, Weezer, Jason Isbell, St. Vincent, Pup, Corey Taylor, Cage The Elephant, J Balvin, Moses Sumney, The Neptunes, Portugal The Man, Phoebe Bridgers, My Morning Jacket, Darius Rucker, Chris Stapleton, Idles and Kamasi Washington.

Sleigh bells – Texas

Sleigh Bells has been silent since releasing their 2017 Kid Kruschev EP, but now the veteran noise-pop duo are back with a brand new collection of warped cuts in the form of Texas. “We stopped asking ourselves whether or not we were in or out of our comfort zone, or if we were repetitive or stereotypical,” producer / guitarist Derek Miller said in a statement. The resulting effort is something Sleigh Bells unique, and indicates their raw power as a duo.

Park Hye Jin – Before i die

On his debut album, Park Hye Jin turns to something almost intangible, alternating between Korean and English across its 15 tracks. Before i die creates a unique sound world with quivering rhythms and melodic voices that demonstrate the incredible talent of the DJ, singer, rapper and producer for building a musical world.

Amyl and the sniffers – Comfort for me

There isn’t a ton of arrogant punk rock that has proven its worth these days. Australian fire brands Amyl & The Sniffers caught my eye with their fierce eponymous debut in 2019, a collection of fierce punk songs reminiscent of bands like The Germs (with better vocal performances). On their second album, Comfort for me, Amyl & The Sniffers put a layer of varnish on their brash sound and compose some impressive melodic hooks, but always volatile.

mxmtoon – True colors

Earlier this year, indie-pop phenomenon mxmtoon announced that she would be the voice of Alex Chen, in the latest entry in the critically acclaimed video game series, Life is Strange: True Colors. Along with the game’s release, mxmtoon shared four tracks that she sings in the game’s narrative, another thrilling entry into the songwriter’s increasingly impressive resume.

Moo – Hey what

According to Steven Hyden in a recent issue of the Indie Mixtape newsletter, Low, a long-time Minnesota company, “has effectively tapped into narrow sonic ground for decades – they either make really pretty slow guitar music or relatively aggressive slow-paced music ”. But the group’s LP 2018 Double negation sent them on a whole new sonic adventure towards a more experimental sound, a trend that continues on their new album Hey what, who finds Low perfecting the balance between noise and ambiance for something truly beautiful.

King Krule – You warm me up, you cool me down

King Krule’s new live album was pieced together from the only trio of shows Archy Marshall was able to put on in 2020 before the pandemic forced him to cancel his lengthy tour. Nevertheless, You warm me up, you cool me down serves as a document for an artist ready to make the leap to stardom. The songs here are completely reinvented from their studio versions, a representation of the vitality and necessity of live music.

Gully Boys – Favorite son PE

Just weeks after sharing the single “The Way”, the Gully Boys released their new EP. Just five tracks, Favorite son returns to Riot Grrrl’s philosophy and excitement, espousing the message of rage in patriarchy, but never at the expense of melody and driving instrumentation. As they hit the road this fall, keep an eye out for Gully Boys.

Ryan Pollie – “The Shore House”

Ryan Pollie’s first new song in two years starts off as a ’70s pop ballad. Featuring a string quartet and a lone harpist, as well as conceptual sound effects from an office bell and whistle. gym, “The Shore House” is a track inspired by Pollie’s own father, telling the story of a man raising a family in the suburbs, wishing they would have the same free youth he had when he was a child on the shore.

Angel Du $ t – “Big bite”

Angel Du $ t’s new music is nothing like their old music. What started out as a hardcore band and evolved into melodic acoustic rock has now grown into a powerful pop band. “People are really getting married over the idea of ​​making a record that looks like the same band,” singer / guitarist Justice Tripp said in a statement. “If one song to another doesn’t sound like it’s from the same band, I’m okay with that.” “Big Bite” is the first preview of the band’s next LP AK: A Collection of Truck Songs, which leads the group to aim for something completely new.

Illuminati Hotties – “Threatening Each Other About Capitalism”

The new LP expected from the Illuminati Hotties Let me do one more is still a few weeks away, but they haven’t been shy about sharing some new music in the works. “Threatening Each Other Re: Capitalism” is the latest offering from the album, which Rachel Brodsky calls Uproxx a “sweet” track that “plays much cooler than its title suggests.”

Super American – “RIP Jeff”

Buffalo and New York Alternative Rockers Super American Prepare New Album Supper, and the new track “RIP Jeff” is basically about the death of the ego, identifying the parts of your psyche that are holding you back and finding ways to push them back. It’s a relatively smooth track with clear guitars and melodic vocals, which allows the listener to really dig into the lyrics, which the band said in a statement “desperately wanting to be a better, happier person while at the same time. having countless thoughts crashing into each other simultaneously in all directions of your brain at all times of the day, then looking around and realizing that most people probably don’t think about anything at all and wish you could do the same.

Save Face – “Bury Me (Tonight!)”

I think I performed a show with Save Face from New Jersey once in a past life. Formerly a local pop-punk group, Save Face is now signed to Epitaph and “Bury Me (Tonight!)”, The lead single from their upcoming album. Another murder for the highlight reel, incorporates the lyrical drama of the best songs of My Chemical Romance with an absolutely massive production of Brett Romnes from The Movielife, anthemic guitars and striking percussion.

Blush Cameron – “Julietta”

Blush Cameron is one of my favorite startup projects. It’s the effort of songwriter Geoff Webb, a solo writer / producer who creates everything in his bedroom, but the DIY limitations don’t apply to songwriting here, with massive hooks that will get stuck in your head for days or even weeks. “Julietta” is the latest self-published single, a lo-fi power-pop masterpiece.

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