Meet two independent artists with over 10 million streams and the playlist plugins behind them


Sophie Simmons and Nyxen are two killer artists from two continents with millions of streams on Spotify.

In a field flooded with opinions, Simmons and Nyxen stand out as creators who march to the beat of their own drum and take pride in shining as unique individuals.

And it must be said that authenticity suits them rather well.

TMN sat down with both bands and their playlist building agency Playlist Pump PR to find out how they succeeded in the playlist space and what’s next for each of these two indie bands with million flows between them.

Meet Sophie Simmons

Here are some quick stats on the Playlist Pump PR campaign:

  • Sophie’s Spotify was a blank canvas when we started.
  • We worked on five of his releases in 2018.
  • “Black Mirror” was the first single our team worked on, garnering 1.6 million streams from 0.
  • We’ve racked up over nine million streams for the five singles we’ve served.
  • His most streamed record, ‘Paper Cutis one of our largest campaigns with 7.8 million streams.
  • We made a combination of Stage 1, Phase 2 and Editorials from around the world campaigns to achieve these results.

A little history…

The daughter of Gene Simmons of KISS and star of the A&E network’s reality show Family jewelsSophie is undeniably one of the most exciting artists Playlist Pump PR has had the pleasure of working with.

Since the release of her debut track “Black Mirror”, Sophie has racked up over 10 million streams on Spotify alone, including five such records managed by us! Check out this exclusive interview Playlist Pump PR did with Sophie about how she’s handling her career as a CEO.

Our conversation with Sophie Simmons on “Black Mirror”

Q: What is the story of “Black Mirror”?

I wrote the song with HOOPS and The Gifted in LA. I was inspired by the TV show ‘Black Mirror’ and how each episode is about technology affecting people’s relationships. I thought it would be interesting to have a love song but instead of talking about another person, having them talk more about the validation we get from our phones.

Q: What is your biggest advice for other female artists and producers?

Learn to perform. So many women are at the mercy of male producers because it’s such a male-dominated field. The best way to get more opportunities is to create them yourself.

Q: What has been the most difficult obstacle you have had to overcome as an artist recently?

I’m in a strange place as an artist. I’m too “known” to be on small feature films and collaborations and not “big enough” to have a single hit single or to be signed by a label (those are not my words). Luckily, songwriting is my heart and I don’t have to be an artist to be good at it.

Q: What’s next for you creatively?

Writing for other artists has really taken off and I love doing it. It’s always a nice challenge in the session to get it right. I’m working on placing more songs for 2020.

Meet Nyxen

What prepares an artist for a successful playlist campaign? We are looking for artists who already have a solid foundation in other areas of their career, such as fan base, radio, digital media support, touring and social media.

Nyxen is a prime example. Launching a playlist campaign on top of the years of groundwork that Nyxen and his team at Unkown Records had already intentionally put in place maximized the overall success of the campaign. From his support of triple j to his extensive touring and building up his fanbase, it made the job easier.

Here are some quick stats on the Playlist Pump PR campaign:

  • Chains had 31,000 streams when we launched the campaign. It’s now at 2.4 million streams and counting.
  • We pitched to Spotify editorials and also worked our four-month-old mammoth Phase 3 campaign.
  • We’ve launched on multiple networks, from compilation lists, mood base lists, third-party tastemaker lists, and brand networks such as Topsify, Filter and Excavator and Spotify Editorials.
  • Monthly listeners doubled in number during this four-month period, from 244,000 to 443,000 monthly listeners.

A little history…

Nyxen had been playing guitar for 10 years when she discovered the synth-pop movement of the 2000s. It opened her eyes to the world of electronic music, where she fell in love with artists like Ou Est le Swimming Pool and MGMT .

Incorporating influences from Tycho, Miike Snow and Bag Raiders, Nyxen’s music creates an energetic, feel-good vibe for listeners from the start of each track.

Nyxen’s catalog is impressive. On Spotify alone, each track exceeds one million plays. ‘Chains’ helped reach a milestone of 10 million cumulative streams on the Spotify platform.

Our conversation with Nyxen on ‘Chains’

Q: What is the story of “Chains”?

This song started out a little differently than most of my songs. I only had the intro when I started recording the vocals.

Usually I start with the song to get the mood right, then I write the story or the lyrics. I grabbed my microphone and legitimately the first thing I said was, ‘What’s your name, I found you at the back of a thrift store’. This gave me the basics to imagine the rest of the concept.

I wanted ‘Chains’ to be this twisted story of infatuation. Like when you’re in a relationship but see the person more as a prize than something genuine.

Q: What is your biggest advice for other artists?

I always try to stay as true to myself as possible with what I create. Some days I write songs that sound good for a band, and sometimes it’s more synthetic and electronic. I was worried that this contrast might be a little confusing, but I finally realized that if I’m writing it, it’s me, and if it’s good (subjective haha), it deserves its place in the world.

I want to be unpredictable as an artist, always growing and maturing my sound. So I think staying true to you as much as possible is good advice.

Q: What has been the toughest hurdle you’ve had to overcome as an artist and producer recently?

My biggest obstacle has always been and always will be myself. I always doubt myself, I doubt if I’m good enough, if I deserve to be where I am or if I’m doing enough.

Q: What’s next for you creatively?

I’m working on an album!!! I’m super excited about it because it means I can become a hermit and write songs, which is my favorite thing to do. I already have a bunch of songs ready to go, so watch this space.

About Playlist Pump PR Agency

Playlist Pump PR Agency was started with the vision of helping artists grow their fan base authentically. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in the world of playlist promotion, and the team recognized the need for a playlist agency that artists and labels could trust.

They’ve worked tirelessly to cultivate relationships with curators who have millions of subscribers on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal – connecting the dots between curators and artists to give them the exposure and streaming numbers whose they need.

Artists and labels can submit tracks HERE. Mention #TMN2019 in the comments to receive a 10% discount on the entry-level plus campaign.

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