Mazie explains how Spotify Wrapped is a game-changer for independent artists



Spotify Wrapped is an invaluable tool for emerging artists and groups, according to rising star Mazie.

The platform’s annual rundown is pretty well established at this point, with music fans eagerly awaiting (or dreading) its release every year. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it basically gives an overview of your Spotify activity from a specific time window (a few calendar months are missed for reasons which are explained in detail here).

When it hits your inbox in early December, Wrapped will pull all of your data together into one easily digestible (and social media friendly) snapshot. Among other things, it’ll tell you which artists you’ve streamed the most, what your favorite genres have been, and if there have been any massive trends you’ve been going through there. It’s a funny or deeply embarrassing summary depending on the nature of your results.

While all of this is now common knowledge, given that the number of people using the feature has grown exponentially since its introduction, you might be surprised to learn that there is a separate Wrapped just for artists. Working almost like the reverse of the mainstream version, this gives creators the ability to see what their top demographics look like, find out how many hours their music has been playing in total, and find out who their top listeners were. the year. All this information can be made public via “sharecards”.

This data can be of interest to fans as it allows them to compare the status of their favorite bands and singers, but it is especially useful for independent artists who are just starting out in the industry. To explain this in more detail, Grace Christian (better known as Mazie) spoke with News week in an exclusive interview.

Mazie explains how Spotify Wrapped democratizes music data

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To learn a little more about Mazie herself, the 22-year-old from Baltimore first caught the attention of music fans in April last year, after making her debut with her first single. “No Friends”. Coming to the start of lockdown, the song struck a chord with many Gen Z, thanks to its lyrics and themes of anxiety, disillusionment, and dread (all playful juxtaposed with a catchy tune).

Mazie released a few more tracks in the months that followed, but really rose to prominence in 2021 with the release of her album “The Rainbow Cassette”. She has been compared to both Billie Eilish and Gwen Stefani (the latter of whom has been cited as an influence), but has her own unique voice that sets her apart from the crowd.

It has been a banner year for the newcomer and so she is especially excited to see how this will be reflected in her Artist Wrapped. Speaking of which, Mazie said, “Yes, I feel like the day Spotify Wrapped was released has been a cultural moment for the past couple of years. As soon as I see a person’s story , I say to myself: ‘Oh shit, let’s go’! “

“In my case, it will be in my inbox as a regular consumer, but also in a separate email for me as an artist. So there are two different sides, which I like. have experienced the consumer side, it is literally exactly the same thing but with different data points. It has your demographics, information about where you have been listened to the most and your cumulative listeners. So, c is pretty awesome! “

It’s worth pointing out that Mazie has only experienced the Artist Wrapped microsite once so far (given that her career didn’t take off until 2020). Yet despite this, she is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject and has a deep understanding of what it means for burgeoning talent.

She continued, “I think what’s most interesting to me is that these big companies have access to so much metadata, don’t they? Whether it’s Spotify, Apple Music or the system. a great label.The difference is that Spotify democratized this access to metadata and made it available for free, which I think is so sick!

“You know, I don’t have access to a big infrastructure within a system of big labels. Established artists can use their resources to access various data points and analysis, but I can’t. Yet by just putting music on the Spotify platform, I can now get these things. It offers a lot more transparency.

“I would say the most useful part is probably seeing your total listeners because it comes and goes from month to month. So, it’s really nice to see what that looks like throughout a tenure. 12 months. The other thing too is that you are able to see which fans have listened to your music the most. So you can actually connect with the people who have been quietly listening to your work. This alone is the most important feature of Spotify Wrapped. “

Mazie on dropping out of college after her Spotify hit

Grace "Mazie" Christian
Mazie released her debut album, “The Rainbow Cassette”, in 2021.
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If you’re wondering how someone so new to the industry could be so well versed in its intricacies, it’s because Mazie studied them at Drexel University. Having signed up for a music program, which had a lot of emphasis on how the business side works, she really knows her stuff.

“I finally gave up, but studied a bit. I think my interest in the subject stems from my producer starting the label I’m now signed to. So I feel like I have seen the development of a whole new business over the last couple of years, I guess I was very involved in that side.

“I’m sure I could have finished if I really wanted to, but my first song ended on Lorem Spotify playlist and then the A&R (artists and repertoire) for just about all the major labels contacted me all of a sudden. So, it accelerated my first steps so much and I had to give up my usual life. “

In that sense, Mazie directly attributes her great luck to Spotify, as it gave her a platform big enough to drop out of class and pursue a full-time singing career. When asked if she could consider being in the same position without streaming online, she replied, “Absolutely not. Without these sites we would have to go back to the days when we relied on the big labels. to get our music out there.

“There are still so many flaws with streaming platforms in general, but I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in right now without Spotify. I mean, when I got my first Artist Wrapped, that m blew my mind that there were people who made me one of the top five artists of the year! Especially since I only had three songs at the time. So yeah, that just takes away this wall “.

When asked if the information gleaned from Wrapped could potentially influence the direction she takes with her music or her future tours, Mazie said: I would obviously love to tour there. This kind of idea is so beneficial for little artists who don’t have big labels to figure this stuff out for them. “

The 2021 iteration of Spotify Wrapped is available now. To view your own summary, follow the instructions described here. In the meantime, you can find Mazie’s share map on Spotify below.



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