Loans With Lowest Interest

In starting a capital business is the most important root so that the business can be started, but in fact even when a business is running, additional capital is still needed to accelerate business growth. Therefore, sometimes many small capital entrepreneurs choose to go out of business or change their business simply because the profits are not enough to be used as capital for business development while if they have to borrow from a bank, the business prospect does not guarantee that the bank will approve a business loan .

That is what sometimes becomes the scourge and the biggest obstacle for business owners, especially middle-low business owners with small capital tends to be mediocre. Usually the benefits can only be enough to just keep the business going, while business competition is getting tougher, if there is no development or innovation, food will be easily overtaken by other entrepreneurs who have greater capital, of course. Therefore it is very important for those of you who are currently in the business development stage to ensure that you have enough capital, but of course a lot of considerations must be taken such as:

Interest rate

Interest rate

This is usually a burden for borrowers who own small businesses, namely the interest rates for business loans which are sometimes too high. The monthly profit is usually only enough to repay the loan principal and interest rates so that a lot of small capital entrepreneurs to find a loan solution with low interest rates that can at least help alleviate the burden of dependents.


Business prospects become collateral

Business prospects become collateral

For large-scale business owners with good prospects, there is no need to worry, but what about new entrepreneurs who haven’t even returned capital, how can they calculate business prospects? Most financial institutions require long-term business prospects before deciding to approve a loan application.


Business loans with collateral

Of course, most loans require collateral of valuable items such as land certificates, cars, houses and so on. This also usually becomes an objection for novice entrepreneurs who do not have many valuable assets.

Did you know that there is currently one type of alternative financial product that can answer all of your problems and considerations above? A financial product that has the following three factors:

  • Interest is relatively low.
  • Does not require business prospects as collateral, only proposals and complete portfolios.
  • Some business loan products do not require collateral or collateral.

Some of you would think that is very unlikely. Actually it is possible, namely through a peer to peer lending system. If you are familiar with a person-to-person lending system, then peer to peer lending adopts a more similar system, but if direct lending from individuals is usually informal and prone to fraud, this system offers a one-step solution through formal agreements or in a protected manner. the law is also guaranteed safe.

This type of business loan not only proves to be beneficial for borrowers but also for investors or capital owners because they can get certain benefits easily and safely without having to be confused looking for capital borrowers they can trust. All search systems for prospective borrowers or prospective investors are all carried out by companies that specialize in providing peer lending services. In Indonesia, this type of lending is still relatively new, but there are many business actors who have proven how profitable this system is. As a borrower, all you have to do is:

  • Look for a company that provides peer lending services that can be trusted and already have a reputation among entrepreneurs.
  • Creating a company profile or proposal submission as part of the application process makes it easier for investors to find the right type of business so they can invest their money.
  • After that, all you have to do is wait for the approval and disbursement process, which usually only takes no more than three days.

If you are still very ordinary in this matter, it never hurts you to find out more about peer to peer lending because even though it is still relatively new but there is already enough information circulating that you can make a reference or reference.