‘Licorice Pizza’ breaks independent film record


Alana Haim starred in by Paul Thomas Anderson last movie Licorice Pizza opposite Cooper Hoffman.

Paul Thomas Anderson is responsible for some classics like Magnolia, boogie nights and there will be blood.

The film has already broken records by grossing more than any other independent film at the box office.

According to Variety‘From just four theaters in the country – two in New York and two in Los Angeles -‘Licorice Pizza‘ grossed $335,000 in total and $83,852 per location, more than any other specialty film in nearly two years.

“In its first three days of release, ‘Licorice pizza surpassed A24’s black-and-white drama “C’mon C’mon,” which previously held the record for best platform launch after grossing $135,447 across five screens, averaging $26,889 per location.

Pierre Debrug wrote“‘Licorice Pizza‘ offers a searing, jumbo look at what it felt like growing up on the fringes of the film industry circa 1973, seen through the eyes of an ambitious former child actor plotting how to follow his first screen career,”

Alana posted on instagram about the exit.

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