“Leading stars will be part of the independent music scene in the future”



Enna Vazhka Da’s launch at a city hotel saw popular faces in the digital space and the movie industry come together to show their support for the song. After the song was released, they were seen dancing the night away. Produced by Saregama India Ltd in association with Noise and Grains, Enna Vazhka Da presents Rakshan, Sunita Gogoi, Swathishta Krishnan and GP Muthu while Ganesan S composed the music. Dongli and Karthik say they made it their business to shoot Enna Vaazhka Da as their next project after Thappu Panniten. “Music videos are like movies. We can’t make music videos with the same concept and the same visuals when we plan to do them often. In fact, this is our second outing in two months. While Thappu Panniten was a romantic number, Enna Vaazhka Da is a bundle. We made sure to give it a multicolored tone when we designed the project, ”Dongli and Karthik say.

The duo say the indie music scene is vibrant and their work is proof of that. “Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible to make a video in such a short time. Producers are prepared to fund such concepts if they are intrigued by it. We plan to release two videos a week soon and we think there will be takers as well, ”the directors say. While casting Rakshan and GP Muthu with Sandy making a special appearance, Dongli and Karthik say, “They are stars in the digital space and household names. This is just the beginning. Music videos will have prominent industry stars in the future.


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