Joss Whedon Helped Chris Hemsworth Land ‘Thor’ With Comics and a Recommendation


Joss Whedon might be in the headlines these days for a whole host of rather unsavory reasons, but for nearly a decade he’s been one of the greatest creators in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). As blockbuster showrunners avengers film, released in 2012, Whedon won acclaim for his ability to tell a story involving multiple strong characters. One of the most popular characters in the film is Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth. The Australian-born actor and Whedon go back a long way, with Whedon being influential in his casting as an iconic comic book hero.

How did Joss Whedon help Chris Hemsworth land the role of Thor?

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Hemsworth made his MCU debut in Thorreleased in 2011. While it’s impossible for a Marvel fan today to imagine a different actor playing the Asgardian hero, there was a time when Thor director Kenneth Branagh was unsure about choosing Hemsworth. According to Screen Rant, Whedon stepped in after Hemsworth “failed” his audition for Thor.

Whedon, who worked with Hemsworth on the horror film The cabin in the woods, knew Hemsworth could be great as Thor – and personally reached out to Branagh to ask him to reconsider Hemsworth. As Hemsworth himself later recalled in a biography of Whedon by Amy Pascale: “‘I was about to go back for Ken’s audition and Joss called him just, you know, without even that I know that and just said, ‘Hey look. I really like this guy’ and ‘He’s talented and fights for the right things,’ Hemsworth said. “Ken really respected his opinion, and I’m sure that helped me get the job.”

Joss Whedon suggested special comics for Chris Hemsworth to read

Whedon took things a step further after Hemsworth landed the role of Thor. The director helped prepare Hemsworth for the role by suggesting a slew of comics for him to read, according to Collider. Even the director of The cabin in the woods came on board, working with Whedon and Hemsworth to ensure the Australian-born action star would be able to take on the role perfectly.

Of course, as Marvel fans know by now, Hemsworth blew everyone out of the water with his portrayal of Thor Odinson. Not only Thor receive critical and commercial acclaim, but he went on to star in several other major Marvel films and is now considered one of the studio’s greatest assets.

What did Chris Hemsworth say about working with Joss Whedon?

Whedon has been the subject of controversy in recent years, with actors like Ray Fisher coming forward to claim that Whedon exhibited unprofessional behavior on the set of his films. According to Far Out Magazine, Whedon has also been accused by actor Gal Gadot, with the star claiming Whedon “threatened” her on the set of Justice League and that he made his experience “miserable”. Whedon has publicly stated that he denies all charges, blaming the backlash on his ex-wife.

As for Hemsworth, he has always spoken positively of Whedon, crediting him with helping him land the role of Thor. He’s also been open about his own experiences working with Whedon, according to IndieWire, saying he had a great time filming. The Avengers, even when his antics exhausted Whedon. While some fans may be conflicted about Whedon, there’s no doubt everyone loves Hemsworth’s work as Thor – and that might be enough to shed some positive light on his legacy in the MCU.

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