Jiosaavn pays advances to independent artists through new distribution option, AO Labs


India-based JioSaavn’s in-house label and artist services division, Artist Originals, has launched a new direct distribution service for independent artists called AO Labs.

AO Labs, states a press release from JioSaavn, “is designed to support talented artists who are unable to work with record labels or who choose not to.”

AO Labs artists are chosen by direct reference or via an online demo submission email system, with music and tracks selected based on “quality, potential and readiness for release” .

Submissions are open now and artists can submit their demos directly to the labels’ A&R teams in New York and Mubai via AO Labs.

According to JioSaavn, artists whose tracks are selected will receive upfront payment, marketing support, digital tools and access to data through the streaming service’s Artist Insights dashboard.

Additionally, selected artists will have access to Artist Original’s global distribution channels, which run through Sony-owned The Orchard.

Artists will also be able to use JioSaavn’s other creative services for an additional fee.

Speaking of AO Labs, Hiba Irshad, Director of A&R at Artist Originals, said, “We wanted to create a space where new independent artists are equipped with the tools necessary for long-term success in the music space.

“Our goal with AO Labs is to empower artists, especially those just beginning their journey as career musicians by offering our global distribution and marketing services to help build a plan for their records.

“This program aims to find and provide a platform for the next generation of independent artists.

“We launched Artist Originals four years ago to launch independent artists on a global platform, focusing on artist development and strategic partnerships. AO Labs is a new initiative for emerging talent at the start of their career.

JioSaavn launched Artist Originals in 2017 to release and market tracks and albums by South Asian musical talent.

The AO platform is described as “the first full-spectrum streaming label and artist platform to develop, distribute and market South Asian talent from around the world”.

Last year, JioSaavn CEO Rishi Malhotra told MBW, “What we are doing with Artist Originals is quite unique; much like Netflix having its own original studio, but in the world of music.

“We wanted to create a space where new indie artists are equipped with the tools necessary for long-term success in the music space.”

Hiba Irshad, Artist’s Originals

This week, AO Labs will release five tracks, including a Punjabi hip-hop and blues fusion song Kinu Mai Sunava by Burrah (Jasdeep Singh) and urban pop track Anomaly of TRISHES, a project by Trinidadian-American Trish Hosein.

The accelerator program will also see releases from singer-songwriter Abhilash Gupta with pop ballad Kannada Andaju Meerida and hindi pop songs Yeh Judah by Arjun Tikadar (pictured) and Siddhant Kochar’s Hand Hoon Parinda.The music industry around the world


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