Jigar Saraiya of songwriters duo Sachin-Jigar Bollywood says indie music could benefit from lockdown


Jigar of songwriters duo Sachin-Jigar Bollywood says independent music stands to gain as films and film scores face delays

Jigar Saraiya of popular songwriting duo Sachin-Jigar says the only bright side of the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown for the music industry is that, since movies and film music will be delayed, independent music will be delayed. could have a little more space.

The film industry has been hit as a result of the lockdown, and what does it think it has in store for the music industry? “Our cinema Middle Angrezi released on March 13, and theaters were closed a day later. Although our film was affected as it was only shown in theaters for one day, the song “Kudi nu nachne de” was a big hit. I think the song benefited from the lockdown because people are at home dancing to that song and making their videos, ”Jigar said.

He said the lockdown has two effects: “It will affect everyone from CEOs to musicians. How to recover from such a big shutdown? If films are postponed, so will film music. Sachin and I do a lot of independent music that could have room. Usually, when there is a lot of film music, there isn’t a lot of room for independent music. Television and radio do not have slots.

Jigar added, “What India needs right now is to get out of the remix trend and get into original music. This is what I think of as a silver lining for musicians.


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