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NEW DELHI: Pop sensation and electronics producer Ritviz, who recently released “Khamoshi” as the first in a series of 22 songs he plans to release in 2021, believes music streaming has been a game-changer. “Today, a new artist doesn’t need to sign with a record label to have their music placed in the same store as more popular artists – global distribution is just a click away for just about anything. world, ”Ritviz told IANSlife.

The ‘Khamoshi’ at synthpop is a collaboration between him and producer Karan Kanchan and has the vocal styles of Ritviz with a layer of melancholy to the beat of the synthpop that resonates with nostalgia and a time gone by, and the end result is a song that has all the makings of an earworm.

The new Jaipur-shot release was also added as the sixth track on Ritviz’s debut album DEV, whose tracklist also included “Thandi Hawa”, “Chalo Chalein”, “Liggi” and “Pran”. In addition to “Khamoshi”, Ritviz will release 21 songs – two collaborative albums, one with Nucleya and Seedhe Maut – from August to the end of 2021.

Ritviz, the most featured Indian indie artist on Spotify India, speaks to IANSlife:

Q: The independent music scene in India is at an all time high and has become comparable to film music on streaming platforms over the past year or so. As the most featured independent artist on Spotify India, what do you think about this rise in popularity of independent music?

A: Therefore, there is more independent music coming out of the country today than ever before, and it will only get bigger and better. What every independent artist should understand, however, is that if distribution is just a click away, the key is marketing. Film music is marketed on the backs of blockbuster movies, synchronized with visuals that accentuate the user experience and reinforce relativity – that’s the complete package. As a freelance artist, how far do you go with your marketing?

Q: Can you explain to us the creation of “Khamoshi”? What prompted you to work on this beat that Karan Kanchan gave you?

A: Last year Karan sent me a track he was working on, and while I was listening to it, some parts really hit me and I started to build a whole new song in my head. He was working with someone else on this song but I couldn’t help myself, and I called him up and said, “Let me join in, I want to write this song with you!” . He probably wasn’t expecting it, but he was ready to do it, and that was it. From there, it took us almost 6 months to finally finish the song. In the meantime, we got together in December to shoot the clip and we had plans to release it himself at the time, but the song wasn’t ready so we had to cancel it. That said, I couldn’t have asked for a better time to make this happen, I’m about to drop so much music this year and this is where it all starts!

Q: The name “Khamoshi” is intriguing. Were you in a slightly different creative space given what was going on around you and the world in general?

A: Personally, I have seen a lot of changes over the past 10 months. I moved from Pune to Goa, rented accommodation for the first time, brought home two beautiful dogs and most importantly I spent endless quality time with the people I care about . It’s been so drastically different from how my life has been for the past five years. What really stood out to me around that time is that since the world changed a year ago there has been so much noise that we have all heard and seen on our screens, but there is that strange silence in our realities that made us think inside and find ourselves and the world in a new way. For me, the song is about that. The title ‘Khamoshi’ is only a vague summary.

Q: You recently premiered in the NFT space on WazirX. Why are NFTs so exciting for you? Do you intend to get more involved in this space?

A: DTV is a whole new concept for most of us, and it’s as exciting to me as it is to anyone else. I don’t know what all the possibilities are yet but I know it’s going to be a huge part of the future. My drop with Santanu was an experience and I think it was really worth it. My eyes open to the bigger picture now.


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