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FREDERIC, Md.Jan. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Paredes Music Division (PMD), today announced the launch of the highly anticipated release of its 2022 album (To Whom May Not Exist) performed and recorded by its lead singer and producer of independent music Mia Celeste.

“The concept for the album was developed based on the desire to express my emotions during the pandemic and is a tribute to the perfect imperfections that life presents to us in so many colorful ways.” — Mia Celeste

One of the album’s singles titled “Resentment” taps into the delicate complexities of narcissistic relationships and was born from the premise that clinging to the past harbors toxic emotional pain with the balance of love ultimately prevailing in through acts of love and selflessness.

The album projects a roller coaster of emotions and by Mia Celeste his sound with his expressive voice will make you think and it will certainly touch the hearts of many. For example, “Labyrinth”, “Soliloquy”, “Time” and “The Long Goodbye” are just a few title tracks that are simply poetry emerging with musical notes to create a unique sound that touches the surfaces of many. genres like dreamy pop, jazz, bossa nova, latin ballads, alternative-indie and even folk pop.

by Mia Celeste debut album and its singles are available on the most popular digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, TikTok and Pandora (to name a few).

The album also contains two symphonic pieces produced and composed by Mia Celeste like “Dark Autumn” which creates a fusion between traditional classical music and modern pop. The tracks that will be promoted alongside the release of the album will be: “Dreams and Realities” “Shawn” “17 Mile Drive” and the track: “To Whom May Not Exist” which was produced, arranged, composed and performed by Mia Celeste.

“Our collaboration with Mia Celeste was based on the love and passion we share to create something from the heart. Every musical idea, production sound, lyrical subject, and every life experience (no matter how simple or complex the hierarchy) has been placed on the table; and so, we both emerged in our feelings and emotions to create the unknown.” – JP (executive producer of PMD)

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Mia is more than just a 15-year-old singer-songwriter.

Mia Celeste is also a pianist, composer and producer. She started playing the piano at the age of five. Born in Maryland with Spanish-Latin roots.

Mia Celeste maintains a humble heart and as an independent artist, she maintains an aesthetic vision of sound and lyrics, projecting authenticity into every song.


PMD firmly believes in the words and the lifestyle: independence, innovation and diversity.

PMD, prides itself on creating new sounds, new genres and a new movement rooted in the underground, the unheard, and one whose passion goes beyond the status quo.

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