Indie music was lucky during lockdown, says Kamakshi Khanna


The pandemic has posed many challenges for the entertainment industry, but in some cases it has also presented an opportunity for independent music. Delhi-based singer-songwriter Kamakshi Khanna, who is the voice behind single Duur, in the upcoming OTT series, is one of the indie artists who made it big in this era. The fame game.

“It was a voice note”, which Khanna had made in 2016, which later took the form of a single in June 2021, to be placed in Madhuri’s star thriller Dixit Nene. Khanna shares, “The inclusion of the song happened very organically, and it happened because we released the song and pushed it independently. The song is also used in the trailer which is amazing. It worked really well for the movie because the lyrics really fit what’s happening in the show. Even the lyrics that (composer and lyricist) Sameer Rahat and I wrote together — something as simple as Laapata kyun hai bata, tera mera pataa – and the story is about his disappearance, worked very well. It was initially written out of a sense of disconnect with yourself and your purpose, and then it fits into the show very literally, which is to say, it disappears and she also feels disconnected… It was such an empowering thing to see the song come alive remotely because it reminds you that there are so many possibilities for an artist to work and collaborate from anywhere. I think the lockdown has really taught us all to be more entrepreneurial when it comes to being able to work with someone virtually.

Attributing the pandemic for the increase in the number of indie songs picked up for OTT platforms, the 28-year-old says, “Because of the lockdown, due to the pandemic, indie music got a bit lucky. So many people started listening to it because there was so much coming out. Many people have become aware of this world of music that exists outside of Bollywood and the mainstream. Now more and more people are getting collaborative and supporting independent music.

She also collaborated with pop duo Parekh & Singh for Chhan Chhan in Kaun Banegi Shikharwatiand with Vaibhav Bundoo for Tere Jaisa, in the webseries Kota Factory. And shares that she has two more OTT-related music projects coming up in the works. “The boundaries between mainstream music and independent music are becoming increasingly blurred over time. It’s all about good music now. It’s just about any voice that matches the mood or the story that becomes the focus more than anything else. I think indie music and mainstream music are no longer two separate worlds,” says the singer who has played with Delhi-based bands Euphoria and River in the past.

“Delhi has always had so much to do in terms of art, culture and music. I love the city because it gives you the space to express yourself and be who you really are,” he shares. she looking back at how the city has made her who she is today as she seeks to reach new heights in the small city of Mumbai Khanna adds: “Delhi has so many beautiful places to perform I played new music for the first time so many times at Piano Man Jazz Club, India Habitat Center and had released my first Cakewalk EP and album at some memorable gigs. Would love to go back and play there I feel there’s a lot of emotional connection there because that’s where I first launched my music.

Is she looking forward to her music becoming a popular background song? “Definitely,” pat comes the response, as she shares, “It’s a great way to get your music out there. With some of our releases, reels have been a great tool for getting your music to people in an easy way. and relevant. Lyrics that were written with a different intent can be totally taken to fit the context of your own experiences. It’s really nice to see your music become the soundtrack to someone else’s experiences. …Although I personally don’t write music from the standpoint of its potential to make real background music, but if it happens organically, it’s still nice to see Duur is a song very cinematic and intense, and I wonder how it will fit into a 30 second reel, but I think it has the potential to become a lot of things.

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