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Indie Music Label is without a doubt one of the biggest music platforms we have today. With several big releases and huge growth in a short period of time, the Indie Music label is one of the largest and most sought after independent music labels today.

Over the past 3 years, Indie Music Label has released 100 original independent singles, many of which have been blockbusters. On the occasion of the release of Darshan’s latest song “Jannat ve”, Indie Music Label Managing Director Naushad Khan expresses his gratitude to listeners, who over the years have pushed Indie Music Label to promote more independent artists and to offer original songs, currently remixed music. . Naushad Khan feels that the music industry is not only let down by the constant remixes of old classics with a bit of rap, but is also harming itself by making creativity a thing of the past. Remixed, re-jigged songs, that’s what we mostly get in the name of music, he believes.

In these times it is very important to promote original music and Indie Music Label has done just that whereby they have been able to create a distinct base for themselves. Today, Indie Music Label has become the most sought after and credible platform for original music with their latest release ‘Jannat ve’. Darshan Raval and Naushad Khan have another potential record in their hands which will further propel independent music to the epitome of originality and popularity.



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