Indie music has grown in popularity in recent years: take a look at these amazing artists who are on par with Prateek Kuhad

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This ship has long flown for fans who responded possessively to the 2020 video for the song “When We Feel Young” by Kochi-based rock band When Chai Met Toast (WCMT). “When We Feel Young” has over 2.2 million views on YouTube, and the song was added to Spotify’s Global Radar List in January (number 55 at the time of writing), which features emerging artists from around the world. whole. WCMT’s “Firefly” is used in the teaser for Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming film, Jee Le Zaraa, directed by Farhan Akhtar.

Luckily, there are plenty of other hidden gems to seek out in Instagram reels, YouTube channels, and Spotify playlists for music aficionados who are as much looking for the thrill of discovery as they are for the next popular tune. India’s indie music industry is enjoying a long-awaited revival in the 2020s, after seemingly toppling and ditching in the 1990s, leaving desi playlists dominated by overproduced Bollywood songs.

The term “independent music” or simply “indie” refers to music that is not produced under the auspices of a major record label. Independent musicians are individuals who make music outside of the film industry, which has a grip on the music industry and a flair for co-opting creatives in India.

Live performances, ranging from small concerts in private venues to large concerts, are often the main source of income for independent musicians. This scene did not disappear like Lucky Ali’s solo career, but Covid limitations interrupted live performances for long periods of time, forcing many artists to focus more aggressively on internet exposure and alternate flow of money, which led to an increase in their fan base.

A simple count on Spotify’s Indie India playlist reveals that the top 10 independent artists have over 1.50 crore monthly listeners. Prateek Kuhad, best known for the break-up ballad “Cold/Mess,” which topped Barack Obama’s annual favorite music list in 2019, is one of the most popular among them (the song was released in 2016). .

On Spotify, Kuhad now has over 19 lakh monthly listeners. He has around 650,000 followers on Instagram. By comparison, Pritam, which has been active for two decades and has a string of Bollywood hits under his belt, has roughly 420,000 subscribers.

Several up-and-coming artists hail from small towns, like Anuv Jain, who started his YouTube channel as a schoolboy in Ludhiana in 2012 and won thousands of fans with his single “Barishein (Rain)” in 2018; he has over 500,000 YouTube subscribers and over 10 lakh Spotify listeners. Then there is Suzonn from Guwahati, whose soulful “Sun Lo Na (Please Listen)” has racked up 63 lakh views on YouTube, and Osho Jain from Indore.

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