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Singer-songwriter Nilotpal Bora is known for his soulful compositions mixed with the modern organic soundscape. He came into the limelight with his song Dhaaga from the TVF web series Aspirantswhich also earned it the IWM Buzz Awards in the Best Soundtrack category and a Filmfare OTT Award nomination this year.

Recently, the singer collaborated with netflix For the movie Jaadugar with Jitendra Kumar, for the song Shaabaash, which was also the official anthem of Indian athletes at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games. “I consider myself very lucky as a musician. I achieved things that I had never chased after or even dreamed of. But I’ve always focused only on my music and my life goes on like this”, explains Nilotpal who, apart from aspirants, also composed music for TVF Tripling S2, Yeh Meri Family, Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt Ltd, and many other web-series.

In composing music for OTT broadcasts, he points out that over the past three years, people have started to like and listen to OTT music. “Also because it is now readily available on many online platforms. But music is promoted less when it comes to OTT. I think it will get better with time. A lot of great artists have created so many great songs and soundtracks that reaching a massive audience is really, really important,” the singer shares.

Living his childhood dream of becoming a musician, Nilotpal moved to Mumbai from Assam a few years ago. The singer says it hasn’t been easy for him to catch the eye of this burgeoning industry. However, his perseverance and talent have earned him his due, and he feels he still has a long way to go. He tells us that as an independent musician, he tries to tell his personal stories through his songs. “Ever since I was a kid I was pretty sure that I wanted to be a musician. And somehow that dream came true and now I’m doing what I always wanted to do. That’s therefore the greatest happiness of my life. And here in Mumbai, I was able to work on projects of my musical taste and genre”, explains the singer.

When asked if the process of composing music for web series and movies differs, Nilotpal answers in the negative. “The thought process is the same, because whether it’s movies or OTT, content is key. Sometimes when the scene situation is good, it’s easier to create a good composition. I feel like when it comes to the musical production of a movie, you have to work a little bit more but there is not such a difference in movies and OTT in the songwriting and lyrics part observes the musician.

As an independent musician for about half a decade, Nilotpal says reflecting on his personal life through music comes naturally and effortlessly to him. He also claims that independent music has brought an evolution to the Indian music scene. “Over the past five years, independent music has grown tremendously. In the 90s we could witness a great phase of indie music but after that it almost disappeared as it was overshadowed by Bollywood music in the last two decades. Nowadays, the majority of people support and follow independent artists with all their hearts and content, and independent songs on a soul level are honest and pure. I believe that in the next few years, Indian music will reach a great height,” the singer says and believes that streaming platforms have played as an opportunity for independent musicians.

“Since when online platforms became prominent in India; artists can create music at home and release it to the public, sharing their stories through their music. What’s better than that? We’re such a lucky generation, things are totally achievable and what’s great is that people in our country have really started to love independent music.

But does it have any drawbacks? we request. “Not as such. It is true that if an indie song is released by a popular music label, an artist benefits from their huge reach of subscribers and subscribers. But if his music is honest and true, it will reach people’s hearts even if it may take a little longer because the majority of people enjoy good music,” concludes Nilotpal.

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