Independent artists have everything to gain from TikTok SoundOn’s upcoming direct download service



TikTok’s upcoming SoundOn platform will serve as a separate entrance specifically designed for undiscovered artists.

Ole Obermann, Global Head Of Music at TikTok, revealed the upcoming direct download feature in an interview with Music trade around the world, claiming that this will make it easier for independent artists to get their music on the platform and get discovered.

“Many artists have told us that when they upload music to TikTok, they feel like they are walking into a room but they can’t find their way to the stage – to define their audience – because the flat -form is so vast, “he said.” SoundOn is like a well-lit entrance to this stage. “

He continued, “Through SoundOn, we are going to organize the ecosystem of unsigned artists in a way that does not exist today and has never existed before. I think it will make it easier for artists to find their fans. And then for labels and publishers to find these artists. The [industry’s] I think the whole A&R process will become more efficient thanks to it.

The feature will be rolling out in a beta soon and will be free for artists.

Elsewhere in the interview, Obermann pointed to TikTok’s recent HeadStream, which is primarily aimed at major labels. The HeadStream feature allows artists to showcase new releases, tease music clips, interact with fans in live chat, and interview each other about their music and creative process. The 30-minute live interactive series has enjoyed considerable success with artists such as Demi Lovato and J Balvin, whose HeadStream has attracted 450,000 unique viewers.

TikTok also intends to take advantage of the booming live streaming economy by monetizing live streams in the future. Just recently, TikTok hosted a Lotte Duty Free Family Concert in Korea where K-Pop behemoths like BTS, Twice, and Super Junior were featured. Access to the concert was limited to users who had registered for a “Lotte Duty Free” subscription via the brand’s official website and had received an admission code. The live broadcast saw some 600,000 viewers tune in.

Obermann has also hinted that the mobile video giant will deepen e-commerce, following success with pilots such as Billie Eilish and Lizzo.

“We recently did some testing in the United States where we worked with well-known artists to enable them to sell physical products from their TikTok accounts. The numbers were huge, ”Obermann said.



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