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IMPALA, the association of independent music companies in Europe, has partnered with Julie’s Bicycle – an organization that mobilizes the arts to take action against the climate crisis – to launch the first bespoke carbon calculator for the independent music sector .

Announced Tuesday, April 12, the new carbon calculator will help IMPALA members accurately measure their ecological impact and meet their climate goals. The calculator’s technology is based on Creative Green Tools, developed by Julie’s Bicycle and designed to meet the needs of independent record labels. The calculator is also equipped with a custom layout and helpdesk to facilitate carbon accounting.

IMPALA members can access the online calculator and also register to join an informative webinar, scheduled for April 20, to learn more about the calculator and the basic principles of carbon accounting.

The tool precedes Music declares urgencyTurn Up The Volume music industry climate action week, taking place April 18-24. Music Declares Emergency is made up of artists, music industry professionals and organizations who have declared a climate and ecological emergency and are calling for an immediate government response.

Alison Tickel, founder and CEO of Julie’s Bicycle and advisor to the IMPALA task force, said in a statement, “Having a bespoke calculator and a standardized framework for the registered industry is a big step towards full accountability. We are happy to support IMPALA members in their mission to achieve carbon neutrality.

Helen SmithExecutive Chairman of IMPALA said in a statement, Our core group of supporting members who supported this really paved the way. It is thanks to them that we now have our tailor-made tool. We look forward to presenting our calculator on April 20 at Music declares urgencyit is Turn up the volume weekdays.

The calculator will analyze direct emissions from owned or controlled sources and indirect emissions, as well as “relevant indirect emissions” (i.e. emissions that result from an entity’s business activities but occur at sources owned or controlled by another entity). The goal is to help achieve a provisional net zero independent sector by 2026, culminating in carbon positive status by 2030.

The Carbon Calculator project was supported by a core group of IMPALA members, including (in alphabetical order): !K7 Music Group, Altafonte, Anjunabeats, Because Music, Beggars Group, Cherry Red Records, City Slang, Domino Recording Company , Edel, Encoding Management Service – EMS, Epitaph Records, Everlasting Records, FONO, FUGA, HAIL, Hot Action Records, Irascible Music, Las Vegas Records, Lusitanian Music Publishing, Mouthwatering Records, NEWS Records, Ninja Tune, Partisan Records, [PIAS]Playground Music Scandinavia, PMI, Roton Music, Secretly Group, TAMBOURHINOCEROS, Two Gentlemen, Warp Records and Zebralution.


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