IFH 613: Directing Bruce Willis’ Last Movie With Matt Eskandari


Matt Eskandari immigrated to the United States as a child with his family, following the Iranian Revolution. He is an alumnus of the University of Southern California and would direct several award-winning short films; including “The Taking” (Screamfest Award for Best Student Short Film). The film propelled him nationally when picked by Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett; from a pool of 12,000 applicants, to enter Fox’s “On the Lot” filmmaker competition.

Matt would go on to make his directorial debut with the psychological thriller “Victim.” The controversial work was distributed by Ifc Films for theatrical release and hailed by Ain’t it Cool News as “a thinking man’s saw” and “both original and disturbing”. Eskandari’s upcoming feature, “The Gauntlet,” starring international stars Bai Ling and Dustin Nguyen was produced and shot entirely in China. It was one of the first Sino-American co-productions recognized by the Beijing Film Bureau and after a successful worldwide festival, it was distributed as “Game of Assassins” by Lionsgate Studios.

Matt’s third feature, the standalone poolside thriller “12 Feet Deep”, starring Tobin Bell and Alexandra Park, was hailed by critics as “a tense hidden gem that will leave you struggling to breathe”, and is became MarVista’s best-selling title – having amassed a record 40 million trailer views upon its first month release.

Inspired by true events, sisters Bree and Jonna find themselves trapped under the fiberglass cover of an Olympic-sized public swimming pool after it closes for the holiday weekend. They find themselves at the mercy of the night janitor, Clara, who sees the trapped sisters as an opportunity to solve her own problems.

Coming from a unique cultural perspective and honing his directing talent in genre films, Eskandari is ready to use his distinct voice to embark on a deeper exploration of human nature and delve into the fears and relevant themes of our modern world.

His latest film is “wire room” and it was said that it would be Bruce Willis’ last film before his retirement.

Action legend Bruce Willis comes out with guns blazing as Shane Mueller, a Homeland Security agent who runs the Wire Room, a high-tech command center monitoring the most dangerous criminals. New recruit Justin Rosa (Kevin Dillon, “Entourage”) must keep an eye on gunsmuggling cartel member Eddie Flynn — and keep him alive at all costs. When a SWAT team lands at Flynn’s house, Rosa breaks protocol and contacts the mobster directly to save his life. As gunmen enter the Wire Room and chaos erupts, Mueller and Rosa take a final, desperate stand against corrupt agents and officials who seek to destroy evidence and kill them both.

Enjoy my conversation with Matt Eskandari.


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